UnleashX V0.37.1205 Build 534

****	Change Log	****

*Fixed		Lock up when launching an app too soon when Network is enabled and no cable
		is plugged in.
*Fixed		Game Saves Manager doesn't create the  proper destination when transferring
		game saves from Memory unit to HD. HD to MU is fine.
*Fixed		Text Editor is misalligned on PAL video mode.
*Fixed		Scrolling text flickers.
*Fixed		XML parser generates empty Xml element (<>).
*Fixed		RSS feeds with URL not ending in .xml are filtered out.
*Fixed		System settings does not reflect the changes until next reboot.
*Fixed		Some MP3s gets cut off near the end.
*Fixed		Music skips, or pauses when going in/out of a submenu, or opening the
		Storage option.
*Fixed		Random music, is now really random.
*Fixed		WMA is now more skip-resistant.
*Fixed		Video screen saver plays at a faster rate when activated the second time.
*Fixed		Default Destination folder when copying is being ignored.
*Fixed		Auto-File renaming generates invalid filename if the file extension is more
		than 4 characters long.

*Changed	FTP Server File IO routine improvement for faster, more efficient transfer.
*Changed	Background music manager totally rewritten.
*Changed	WMAs and MP3s can now reside in the same folder.
*Changed	Smaller and faster MP3 decoding engine.
*Changed	Transition of the Total progress bar indicator is now smoother and more
*Changed	Music volume control now affects WMVs and XMVs too.
*Changed	Default screen calibration data now uses smaller values.
*Changed	Audio/Music settings has it's own section in config.xml. If you are using
		BGM, you must reconfigure the music options.

*Added		FTP client for your Xbox-to-Xbox, Xbox-to-PC file transfer needs.
*Added		Live Dash Update with self-check feature.
*Added		Auto-check for new version.
*Added		Embedded Xml-only skins. There are currently 11 skins made by Jezz_X and 
*Added		File manager now supports ISO9660 format.
*Added		Surround 5.1 for MP3 playback.
*Added		Surround 5.1 for XMVs and WMVs (preview movie)
*Added		Time elapse, estimated remaining time and transfer rate to the progress bar
		indicator (File operation).
*Added		<WindowBackCOLOR> and <WindowForeCOLOR> to the Color scheme tags. These 
		currently applies to the Text editor's background and foreground color, 
*Added		Exposed embedded fonts used by the dash. You can use the following tags,
		in place of the font filename: 
		    MenuFont -The font the main menu uses (Arial 16)
		    SmallFont, -font used in the dialogs, virtual keyboard...etc (xboxbook 12)
		    InfoFont -font used by InfoText (xboxbook 14)
		    CaptionFont  -font used by dialog caption/Loading screen(Xbox 14)
		Example: <Font>CaptionFont</Font>
*Added		Used kernel calls to provide kernel version, Hardware info and hddkey(used to 
		come from eeprom data).
*Added		FREESPACE site command to the FTP server. (SITE FREESPACE <Drive Letter>)
*Added		Enable/Disable Recently launched title list.
*Added		modifed mkjones' logo as a Splash screen. The logo came from Javienn, further
		modified with kthulu's tip.
*Added		Textured Settings' background.
*Added		Ability to change sound effects (.wav) use by the dash (Initial implementation).

-Peer xbox detection and uploading in boost mode (credits to Team Avalaunch) feature. 
-Supports Passive (PASV) and anonymous connection.
-Raw Site command with some readily available in the menu.
-FTP log (press left thumbstick, or access from the menu) with save option, 1000 lines max.
-Transfer Queue (press right thumbstick, or use dpad to cycle among panes).
-Auto-rename when downloading.

-Supports multiple server and URL redirect.
-Multiple self-checking/verification for that seamless upgrade. Will not mess existing 
	version	if downloaded update file is incomplete/corrupt.
-Creates backup of existing version before upgrading.
-New version notification.
-Update file will not work without the existing dash.

HSDEMONS, Xantium and staff of Xbox-Scene, Iriez and staff of Xbins, Team Complex, Team Assembly, 
Evolution-X, iND-BiOS, Team Xecuter

antiflag1980, BLazeD, CaliSurfer008, Grebulon, Hectobleezy, Hydraulix, Javienn, JSmith, 
koldFuzion, Kthulu, Jezz_X, mkjones, scorpianuk, tweaqr, to the rest of the beta testers, and 
to everyone in the homebrew scene and keeping it rolling. To those I failed to mention...

Special thanks to our sponsor, BMMods (www.bmmods.com), for supplying the hardware I needed.
Thanks to Modchip-Source (www.modchipsource.com) for providing the HD used for testing.