For features and description, please see UnleashX documentation, or the change
logs for the last 3 releases, or so ;).

****	Change Log	****

UnleashX V0.37.1218 Build 543
Version:	0.37 Build 543
Status		Alpha
Release Date:	12/18/2004

*Fixed	FTP Server transfer bug.
*Fixed	Bug in FTP client where a 0 byte file will fail the process, and stop
	 the entire queue
*Fixed	Bug FTP Client issuing/requesting for file/folder with invalid
*Fixed	Bug where any disc you insert after inserting an ISO9660 disc won't be
	 recognize and requires a reboot.
*Fixed	Lock up when switching from skins with video background.
*Fixed	WMA Song title gets cut off after the 15th character.
*Fixed	BGM not playing after boot up when there's a preview video on the first
	 menu item
*Fixed	More accurate display FTP client transfer rate.
*Fixed	Filter Level, not properly set on boot up.

*Added	Cancel confirmation dialog when transferring (ftp client). Transfer
	 still continues in the background until you actually confirms.
*Added	Network Settings: FTP Client - Minimum and maximum Port number when
	 using Active transfer (not PASV) for the ftp client (so it should be
	 firewall friendly now).
*Added	Network Settings: FTP Client - option to turn off auto-search for Xbox
*Added	FTP Client: Remote (Server) and Local(Xbox) Path to sites.
*Added	Enable/Disable option for "Open Containing folder" in context menu
*Added	Enable/Disable option for "Open Saves Folder" in context menu
*Added	skin-configurable (replaceable) splash screen. For zipped skins,
	 just add "UXSplash.jpg" in the archive, no need to modify the xml.
	 For non-zipped skins, drop "UXSplash.jpg" in the same folder as the skin.

*Changed	Color of the cursor bar is now the same as the text color
		 (virtual kb, text editor).
*Changed	Removed Splash Screen fade out after menu is loaded.

Note:	This is a Quick fix release addressing the issues listed above.

New Live Update Server: Use this for
the Server option as an alternative server.