Nkpatcher version 9



Here's nkpatcher 9 with LBA48 and some small feature additions to the
virtual drive code (see changes section below.)


 * Just run nkpatcher-06.xbe or nkpatcher-67.xbe. They're signed with the habibi
   key. The dashboard path in the default configuration is C:\evoxdash.xbe
   (nkpatcher will launch this after patching done.) When you run nkpatcher.xbe,
   the kernel in memory should be retail except for possibly having habibi or fonts
   public key (this condition is satisfied with exploits.)

 * The file names follow the usual convention; nkpatcher-06 is the "F drive takes
   all the space" bios and nkpatcher-67 is "F drive up to 137 GB and G drive takes
   the rest". A partition table on the HD will override this (HD partition table
   can be made ignored with a config.inc setting.)

Software License

This software is released under GNU General Public License version 2. See
the file COPYING for details.


 * Nkpatcher now has IGR and automatic game region setting. Remember to
   disable these features from your (Evox) dashboard so that they won't

 * Edit file config.inc to configure nkpatcher. Then compile using NASM
   (Netwide Assembler):

	   nasm -o nkpatcher.xbe xboxapp.asm

   Remember to sign the output file (XBE) with xbedump.


 * config.inc: kernel patcher configuration

 * xboxapp.asm: source code for the Xbox application (nkpatcher.xbe).
                contains also some configuration options at the beginning of
                the file.

 * nkpatcher.asm: source code for the core kernel patcher

 * diskimagedrv.asm: source code for virtual/shadow C drive

 * cdromimagedrv.asm: source code for virtual CD/DVD device driver

 * xa_lba48.asm: LBA48 and partition table, gather feature parameters.

 * lba48.asm: LBA48 kernel patch


From version 8.1 to version 9:
 * oz_paulb LBA48 and partition table support

 * Virtual C image may now be of any size. You can make a virtual drive from
   scratch by first creating a file (or copying any old), say 200 MB, and then
   formatting it. You can for example virtualize the F with the unformatted image
   first and then format F using Evox dashboard. Then copy stuff to F and then
   use the done image file to virtualize C. The number at the end of
   VIRTUAL_C_DRIVE option can be used to select any existing drive for
   virtualizing. I'm sure there are also Linux tools for creating a FATX file
   system inside a given file.

 * ACTUAL_C_DRIVE option makes the real C drive appear in the specified partition.
   You can now put a shadow image file into the real C drive. Use this option
   to make the real C drive appear for example as Partition7 or Partition8.
   Then make VIRTUAL_C_PATH point to blahblah\Partition8\blaablaa.img.

 * Moved the few configuration options in xboxapp.asm to config.inc. They're all
   in config.inc now.

From version 8 to version 8.1:
 * Fixed the version 8 problem (version 7 was fine) with kernels 5530 and above

From version 7 to version 8:
 * Added virtual/shadow C drive feature
 * Added virtual CD/DVD drive feature