FBA-XXX (plz support us : www.fbaxxx.fr.st)

FBAXXX (26/08) update

- optimized a little simple2x function
- writed simple1x for no filter function
- changed scanlines 50 function
- removed low resolution in software filters and added none (use of none function makes at least 10% boost)
- optimized some VMM function (mainly in the optimizition)
- fixed black/white buttons inverted
- changed name of turbo option to turbo/slow option (hope it is more clear now)
- added missing CRCs in neogeo drivers and changed shin... name to power instinct matrimelee
- fixed 2xsaibuffer created when not needed (200Kb RAM loss)
- fixed background menu not being deleted with neogeo games (2Mb RAM loss)
- fixed releasing memory, was not done with help screen, dipswitches or config menu, so it still could crash
- fixed dipswitches menu not releasing background menu (1Mb loss and sometimes crash)
- corrected oneframe function, you can now take your screenshots as you want
- completely rewrited config pad menu, it now is more clear and more enjoyable, removed configscreen intermediate menu in the same time

This version is released without xbepack being done, so just run :
- pack.bat to have a default.xbe of 920Kb smaller and correct some things
- rename.bat to rename to default.xbe, use this if you had problems with previous release