Xzx81 Beta 0.1

Xzx81 is an xbox port of z81, a zx81 emulator (http://rus.members.beeb.net/z81.html).
The screen, keyboard, tape reader and sound(!) are emulated.
The keyboard is emulated using a virtual keyboard.
The sound emulate a sound addon called Bi-Pak Zon X-81 that was using an AY chipset (much like the Atari ST, Amstrad CPC...)

In order to use Xzx81, you'll need the zx81 rom: put it in the same place as default.xbe and name it: zx81.rom.

Put your tape files into k7 directory. There are some included.

Some instructions:

Navigate into the virtual keyboard using the joypad.
Press the A button to simulate a keyboard keypress.

For example, to load the included aydemo.p:
-start the emulator, press the J key (the zx81 will automaticaly select the basic function "load")
-Press shift key then press p key. The emulator will automatically keep the shift key pressed.
-Press all the following 5 keys: a y d e m o
-Press shift key then press p key. Normally, you should have on the screen: LOAD "AYDEMO"
-Then if you press newln key, the emulator will load the demo and you'll heard a true chip tune ! :D

The virtual keyboard is not easy to read on old/small tv, you can open the file zx81kybd.bmp on your pc in order to help you.

To reset your xbox, press the 2 trigger+back+start.

To Do:
- Joystick emulation ?
- Add a menu to select some options (reset, type of sound addon ...)

Chips (c) 2005

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