FBA-XXX (plz support us : www.fbaxxx.fr.st)

FBAXXX (17/05)

- fixed simple1x,scanlines 50 et 75%, simple2x and hq2x filter, the bug was perceptible in tiger heli or other games
- fixed simple1x -> it is now filtered, no more flickering but can result in some performance loss in cps1 or 2, not perceptible
- rewrote simple2x -> 1,5% less CPU time used
- fixed minimenu, it is perfect now
- fixed vmm, should fix last blade2 and other neogeo roms problems
- fixed screenshot filtered in simple1x
- fixed init of YM2151 in finalstarforce
- corrected lowpass filter (not really corrected, but it is like before now)
- added green screen and calendar fix for neogeo boot by IQ132