HACK360 Hitachi 2.3 Rev 2 [By Flash78]

This Pack Install Xtreme 2.3/1.6 Stealth Rev2 by Maximus|Garyopa and
restore to original firmware.

Don't Have any firmware, but I make PPF's files to convert any firmware
to xtreme 1.6/2.3 or original version.

In this Version show any flashing errors and repaet the process to 
complete all process suffesully.

The batch files use parameters and subrutines. It's
more easy update next releases and avoid errors in script files.

Use Hack360Hitachi.exe file to run this program and select one option 
in Main Menu.

Hack360 hitachi create automatic folder "Firm0X" to make all need

To detect firmwares this program use Keygen (Verifier firmware), in 
unknown firmwares use alternative detection (Garyopa check) to identify
hitachi model (32,36,40,46,47,58,59).

Rev 2:
Bug Fixed: The file to check restored firmware was failed, Now is correct.

 - Thanks to Maximus|Garyopa|C4E for news firmwares
 - Thanks go to Seventhson for flashsec and memdump.
 - Thanks go to Loser for firmcrypt.
 - Thanks to DarkDudae for autodetection for hitachi drive
 - Thanks to wasin & NiLbReTh to englsih text file.