ZsnexBox 3.1

What's new:

-Added option to use the Path.ini or to have ZsnexBox create all the directories on the E partition. This will allow users to easily put ZsnexBox on a CD/DVD and run it on any Xbox (without having to create all the directories Path.ini points to). Just change "usePathINI=1" to "usePathINI=0" in the Path.ini before you burn the CD/DVD.

-Screenshots larger than 512x512 are no longer supported. If ZsnexBox finds a preview larger than this, it will not display it. Extremely high res box art will cause a crash (i.e ZsnexBox runs out of RAM), and 512x512 is plenty big enough. HD users at 1080i might want to go even lower (256x256). If ZsnexBox freezes after 2 or 3 games, you are running out of RAM and ensuring previews are no bigger than 256x256 will likely fix the issue.

-Tweaked all the skins to make them easier to read.


Extract and copy over to your Xbox hard drive. Run "default.xbe" to start.


law56ker for the suggestion of changing the Path.ini to support both methods.

I guess "3.0 Final" wasn't so final.