This tool will allow you to decrypt and extract various parts of a XBox360 flash dump. The flash is devided into 2 major parts

1) The Cx sections (CB,CD,CE & 0,1 or 2 CF & CG sections).
   CB, CPU bootup
   CD, unpacker for CE
   CE, contains the HV and Kernel in a .cab archive
   CF&CG are upgrade patches

The tool will extract and decrypt sections CB, CD, CE. Additionally it will extract the .cab file in section CE. This can be opened with winrar and the content (xboxkrnl.img) extracted. The first 256K of xboxkrnl.img is the Hypervisor, the remainder is the 2.0.1888 Kernel.

2) The Flash File System.

The tool expects a dump to contain the data (512 bytes) followed by the ECC (16 bytes). The ECC bytes are used to locate FS entries & identify the version.

The tool consists of the exe and CxKey.txt. CxKey.txt is delivered with 32 '0's and they should be replaced with the key obtained from the 1BL. After all the fuss about AACS keys recently it seems risky to put the key in the exe Wink The Cx sections extracted from a dump will only decrypt correctly if the correct hex digits are inserted in the CxKey.txt  file

How to Use it

Load a flash dump and the tool will display a tree containing the Cx Sections and the FFS. The tool displays the base Kernel version (2.0.1888) and the highest revision CF/CG patch installed.

Expand the CX Sections node and right click on a section, choose Extract (or for CE sections ExtractCAB) you will then be prompted for a directory. Hit OK and the tool will extract that section to the selected directory

Expand the ile System Roots node, each entry takes the form FS_XXXXXXXX_YY (ZZZZ) Where

XXXXXXXX is the offset into the flash of this FS root in bytes
YY is the version, we suggest extracting from the latest FS roots in case some older files have been deleted.
ZZZZ is the offset into the flash of this FS root in blocks

Expand a FS root to view the files it contains

Right click on a FS root to extract all the files in this FS entry.
Right click on a File to extract the file.

To do to it

Add support for CF & CG sections
Patch and re-encrypt pairing data in CB and CF