XM360 version 0.2- By Team XeDev

This includes all of the features of XBLA Unlocker previously released by dstruktiv.

The additional "Collection Management" is contributed by node21.

Typical usage:
Launch XM360.xex
Choose Scan - This will show you all XBLA titles installed (choose Unlock to Yaris swap them if needed)
Choose Collection Manager 

Once in the Collection Manager you will see a list of all known XBLA titles.  They will be marked as:
"Have" - it is installed
"Missing" - it is missing
"Ignored" - it is ignored

A title reaches the "Ignored" state by selecting it in the list, and pressing the "X" button.

The "Y" button will filter the list in the following order:
ALL (all existing titles)
Just Missing
Just Have
Just Ignored

After you are done, you should find a file in the root of your usb stick a file called xbla_report.txt.  That will list all of your missing titles.  

As more XBLA titles come out, you can place a file in the root of your usb stick called xbla_titles.csv.  A simple perl script which creates this file can be found with this release.

run it as follows:
perl scraper.pl > xbla_titles.csv

Version 0.2:
*Added version display to screen
*Search 3 different paths for installed XBLA titles
*    hdd:\\Content\\0000000000000000
*    usb:\\Content\\0000000000000000
*    usb:\\360dashit\\Content\\0000000000000000