Jtag Saver 1.0 by Xbox1crew

Reasoning behind the design:
We wanted a simple, easy, and effective way of shutting down the jtag when it wasnt needed any longer.  
Trying a 555 timer circuit, the circuit worked well, but was too expensive for people to get behind. This revision
actually costs about 2 dollars USD to implement and works well, without all of the extra components that were needed for
our first revision.

What will Jtag Saver do for me?
It will, in essence, allow you to safely use your jtagged xbox 360 without worry due to extra voltage or current being applied
to areas that weren't meant to have them applied. This circuit will shut the jtag circuit off after 15 seconds to try and limit
the damage that could be caused after long periods of use.  

We developed this circuit after a few boards died soon after jtagging.  It was too close together to be coincidental.  Most boxes 
that died did so within a week of jtagging.  THIS is the reason for our pursuit.

The circuit has been tested thoroughly.  Many on/off cycles were gone through to make sure that it worked every single time.  It did.
Optionally, you can add a resistor and LED to pin 7 to show you when pin 6 is shut off (goes high).  A 220 ohm resistor should suffice, but
this part is up to the end user.

We have no responsibility for anyone's damaged equipment, or for any misuse due to this circuit.  This circuit was designed as a help to the
jtagged system user.  Everything needed to get this circuit functioning, once you have the parts, is included in this file.

Enjoy and THANKS!

Team XeDev
and Microsoft for making this fun :-D