*********************************  NOTICE  *********************************

Due to a security update, FTP and HTTP server are defaulted to OFF,
you can turn them back on in the settings screen.

Delete your Data/Skins folder to have additional them seetings 'Kinect Blue'

*********************************  NOTICE  *********************************

Freestyle Dash rc1.5 (xex R2032, skin R2032) changelog

(Fixed) Issue where unavailable button presses would still produce action in saved game scene
(Added) Kinect Blue Preview Images
(Added) Kinect Gray Icons to KinectBlue Icon List / Requires Data/Skins folder deletion
(Fixed) Astroboy placeholder in copyDVD now says Preparing Operation	 
(Added) All the options to the SQL Database and made them work.	 
(Added) Settings for download restrictions, http security bypass, and http username/password	 
(Added) Set Screenshot Path import	 
(Fixed) a few warnings	 
(Fixed) up fsd data paths, and setup screenshots	 
(Removed) ScnAvatarRenderer from project
(Updated) ScnTeamFSD to new Avatar Renderer format
(Fixed) Issue where recently played stopped working after 10 games	 
(Updated) iRenderObserver to not require all functions
(Updated) SignInMonitor to be more proper and handle direct profile switching
(Fixed) Gamer Pic not always displaying properly
(Fixed) Screenshots and Debuglog not saving properly to PC from HTTPServer 
(Added) New AvatarRenderer class	 
(Fixed) Mixed Marketplace Urls for Screenshots - all screenshots should work again	 
(Fixed) Container and Xbox Classic Icon Not Returning When Refreshing Assets	 
(Fixed) Signin Flag on ScnMain	 
(Added)File type check to http for supported file types
(Updated)Embeded Scns (ManagePaths/Updater) buttons remain hidden unless they have focus
(Fixed)Back button crash on ManagePaths	 
(Fixed) USBMU scan paths
(Fixed) USBMU Title Update Paths	 
(Fixed) CopyDVD Bug	 
(Added) Test for USBMU serial	 
(Added) kinect flags in xex	 
(Fixed) Game List Title Token to display based on configs	 
(Added) Connection to Settings for HTTPBypassSecurity
(Added) More Scene Title Customization for HTTP Server (to match game list)	 
(Added) Ability to customize gamelist captions within skin.xml	 
(Updated)Replace SS now knows the proper index to replace
(Added)Check to make sure img is loaded before trying to add/replace
(Added) Ability to add screenshots up to set maximum in HTTP Webserver
(Added) Ability to replace screenshots in HTTP Webserver
(Added) Media id is injected into containers that are made with iso2god	 
(Added) Made settings work (without saving)	 
(Added)Forms for Screenshot management on http
(Added)Fullsize link to Screenshot preview image	 
(Added) Asset Download Options (scene interface only- SQL back-end incomplete)	 
(Added) Ability to download Preview Videos from MarketPlace, currently no way to view them.	 
(Added) Screenshot / Trainer Manager icons	 
(Added) Ability skeleton to replace and add screenshots for available content	 
(Fixed) Bad bug causing xbox to hard freeze 
(Added) Limit of 20 Screenshots 
(Added) Method to bypass security- setting needs to be done for it	 
(Added) Screenshot Viewing To HTTP Webserver	 
(Fixed) Importing existing TUs into system.	 
(Added) New Title Update engine to handle new Title Updates	 
(Updated) Moved Manage Paths inside Settings	 
(Updated)Setting Scn transitions to remove flicker	 
(Added) Kai Metrics Icon (Equinox)	 
(Added) Completely Revamped Settings (Wondro)	 
(Fixed) httpserver crash on debug listing content table
(Changed) ftp server no longer prevents default.xzp overwrite (quickfix)	 
(Increased) Speed of initial gui loading.
(Added) 3 Configurable Game Background Transition Effects
(Added) Transparent To Game Background Fade In
(Added) Black To Game Background Fade In
(Added) Game Background slide in transition	 
(Fixed) FTP issue (rarto360 should work again)	 
(Fixed) Drumkit Screenshot Spamming

Freestyle Dash rc1.4 (xex r1973, skin r1965) changelog

(Fixed) Title Update Game Launching Bugs

Freestyle Dash rc1.3 (xex r1965, skin r1965) changelog

(Fixed) TitleUpdates Deleting
(Fixed) Copying TitleUpdates on Launch
(Fixed) Screenshot.png HTTP Server Request
(Fixed) Some Sign In Monitor Code 
(Added) Kinect Blue Visual (http://i54.tinypic.com/2cd7nti.png)
(Fixed) Playercard on http not formated properly on all browsers
(Added) HTTP Authentication to HTTP Server
(Added) Devkit check for Containers so Homebrew Demos show up in homebrew tab
(Changed) AutoUpdater request location
(Updated) Avatar Silhouette to match Kinect's 3D Looking one
(Added) Kinect Button Images to skin (not used)
(Added) Signature check for Console Signed Containers 
(Moved) Console Type Check Function to Tools
(Added) Added validSig getter to xbox 360 container
(Fixed) Issue where FTP/HTTP on/off would not work without restart 
(Added) Container Sig Verification
(Fixed) ftp sometimes returning '550 dir not found' on valid CWD
(Fixed) Asset extraction typo
(Fixed) FTP speed (TU Manager using to much resources.)
(Added) Code to extract nxebanner.jpg and nxeboxart.jpg from NXEART 
(Added) nxeart.xlast to svn
(Fixed) PKZip to recognize Archived marked Directory Entries
(Fixed) AutoUpdater phoning home without option checked

Freestyle Dash rc1.2 (xex r1927, skin r1927) changelog

(Fixed) most recently played games now returns more than only one item
(fixed) Downloading for more than one title in a row (not at a time).
(Fixed) Time and Date Bug causing them to not show up on status bar
(Fixed) Focus Issue with Time and Date List boxes
(Updated) Recently Played Profile Tab to take games from Database instead of Users Official Profile 
(Added) some more detail to the most recently played titles (is it mounted?)
(Added) nxeart with fsd icon
(Added) Thread suspension when FTP and HTTP server are disabled in options 
(Updated) Save changes being hidden by status bar in edit menu
(Updated) Layout of Options Scn to help reduce clutter
(Fixed) Nav left focus landing on date format
(fixed) options menu navigation
(Updated) More tweaks to help with KAI sign-in bug
(Fixed) text in dialog for setting the ftp password was wrong
(Fixed) Settings are now properly initialized when starting with nothing, and protected if you are upgrading
(Fixed) Can't download more than one TitleUpdate in a row.
(Fixed) Navigating through Settings Menu.
(Fixed) Kai Password not setting to the correct database field.
(Added) Profile Build to ignore list
(Fixed) Shutdown command in HTTP Server
(Fixed) ScanPaths not listing right in HTTP Server 
(Added) 2 Second delay to kai login
(Fixed) IP Is cut off if it uses full octets
(Added) HTTP and FTP Security settings to SETTINGS scene
(Added) Show Status Menu on startup to Settings Scene
(Fixed) ftp password wasn't being written to the db
(Fixed) upgrading Settings schema was blowing away all existing SETTINGS
(Fixed) crash on debugmsg with char* too long
(Added) table view in http (for debugging)
(Added) Ability to have the Status Bar Start showing at bootup
(Fixed) Password mask not applying after entering TeamFSD password
(Fixed) Added in Xlink Kai Username/Password saving to database, updated some masks
(Cleaned) iBuddyObserver Class - easier implementation
(Fixed) sorting by last played order
(Fixed) 's bug, finally.
(updated) cleaned up some for title updates
(Added) Ability to sign in and out of profiles from FSD via Profile Tab 
(Fixed) Settings not being set to default correctly.
(Added) Ability to turn off/on the ftp/http servers by altering the settings database
(Fixed) Pointer Bug in Kai Buddy List Manager 
(Fixed) TU copying from content folder
(Updated)KaiArenaScn with exit button
(Fixed)Issue with multiple pms causing focus loss
(Renamed) Re-Download Content to Refresh Artwork
(Fixed) Issue where re-download content would lose the icon.
(Fixed) SQL Database Entries linking to serial number (properly)
(fixed) uploading title updates
(fixed) rename in file manager
(Fixed) "Are you sure you want to completely delete %s?"
(Fixed) minor timing issue with newly added favorites feature in gamelists
(Fixed) eventual crash if you moved or deleted items in a gamelist
(Fixed) crash if you moved or deleted the last item in a gamelist
(Added) gamelists now store your "show favorites" state
(Fixed) Kai Settings not saving- for realz 
(Fixed) Kai PM
(Updated) Removed Kai Debug Msgs to cut down on log length
(Fixed) Kai Host Scn Focus Loss
(Updated) XZP
(Fixed) Kai Settings Scene not working - at all
(Fixed) Content Not associating with Storage Device Serial Number
(Updated) DrivesManager to return hdd1: instead of hdd1:\
(fixed) Tu downloading ( no longer crashs)
(fixed) Tu delete deletes all copys of tus
(fixed) file manager move bug
(Added) Function to get root path from drive serial number
(Added) Fix for Scanner not scanning on boot
(Updated) mask for debug log autoupdate html to not show password for TeamfSD.com 
(fixed) renaming second file without leaving file manager
(fixed) backup tus in the content folder.
(Fixed) Ftpserver returning OK on invalid path
(Fixed) Httpserver fetching debug.log from old location
(Added) CreateHTTPItem inside of HTTPDownloader to control and monitor all downloads
(Fixed) File Manager copies correctly now.
(Fixed) focus on refresh in filemanager
(Fixed) Activating Title Updates after download
(fixed) title update thinks it's still downloading when it's not
(fixed) multiple tu downloads