Gaia Manager v2.04 - CFW Waninkoko v2

We all know that Waninkoko's Custom Firmware v3.55 v2 doesn't have the best compatibility with homebrew apps--compared to other Custom firmwares. 
With that being said, here is a special build of the Gaia Manager (backup manager) by Crisetbets of Logic-Sunrise, 
which is 100% compatible with Waninkoko's Custom Firmware v3.55 v2

* Made to be 100% compatible with CFW Waninkoko V2
* Directly integrates the payload
* LL2 is patched

Not a day goes by without an update of a manager since the arrival of the Custom Firmware. 
Today is Crisetbets technician at Logic-Sunrise, which offers us a new version of the PS3 game manager called Gaia Manager. 
Like all other kinds of applications you can copy your originals on your storage media inside and outside, start your backups ...
This version is 100% compatible with CFW Waninkoko V2, and directly integrates the payload, the LL2 is also patched.

This version of Gaia Manager is not in itself a new version (v2.04), it's just a compatibility for CFW Waninkoko v2.