Dash Launch 2.20

    at time of this writing, this is ONLY compatible with "freeBOOT" versions
    of dashes 9199, 12611 and 12625. Regardless of version, you must update
    to the included patch set to retain full functionality (xbox1 in particular)

    read info_launch.ini for info on options and setting launch parameters.

~brought to you by cOz~

    Known Bugs
- Thanks to excellent testers, none were corned by the time of this writing. If
    you find any during use, find the release thread at xbox-scene and please
    report them there.
* in freestyle 1.7 and earlier, there was a minor glitch that caused console
    crashing for some people under rare circumstances, if you haven't updated
    to RC1.8 or newer please do so.
    (not a bug in dash launch)
* corrupt games when launched return to NXE to display the corrupt game UI
    (not a bug)

- export option info along with the rest of dash launch info struct export
- add multi version compatibility to installer and plugin
- add 12625 patch set and offsets
- new LIVE content hook patching, does auto yaris swap as well as extracted XBLA 
    should work more consistently (hopefully)
- added unhandled exception handler, dumps except info to UART/file and exits
    to dash/default item when apps don't have their own exception handler
    (instead of crash), disable by setting 'exchandler = false' in ini file.
- added ini path setting (dumpfile) for capturing crash logs to a file,
    capture device must be connected at console boot time
- added 'safereboot' option for those who have JTAG that have applied
    blackaddr's smc reboot fix, instead of 'hard' reboot
- added option to enable debug strings to print to UART
- adjusted patches to remove default UART hooking (less chance of string
    collision/overlap using DbgPrint via debug out option)
- corrected a bug in the flasher ini update settings in regard to noupdater,
    it was setting nosysexit instead of noupdater value
- added live "blocker", reroutes requests to resolve DNS names to loopback
- added "livestrong" option to use an alternate list of DNS to block
- added ini option to set how long buttons are watched for at boot time
- embedding current versions external files into installer, no more messy
    directory; original paths still work and take priority over embedded files