-Added CRC checksum extraction (on not to large files that is...)
-Added Menu entry for 'Emulators' with scanning of E:\Emulators and F:\Emulators
-Added scanning of E:\HDDLoader and F:\HDDLoader for the games menu
-Fixed IRC version reported from /ctcp version command
-Added support for 'Y' as enter key in OnScreenKeyboard #2
-Fixed keyboard #1 in settings so you can really set your settings.
-Added max connections, and set it default to 2 atm.
-Added a warning that kicks you out of irc if you haven't added your nickname in settings
-Implemented a "deadzone" to prevent "walking windows"
-Changed the updater a bit to allow you to modify files that ain't named default.xbe
-Fixed settings, didn't seem to save - does now
-Put in keyboard #1 on irc for now, till we got the textures straightened out

-Added unrar / unzip
-Added settings
-rewrote some code for settings support
-rewrote some graphichs for better future support

Alpha release


-Added irc client
-Added FTP server
-Added autoupdate with history
-Added skeleton
-Added graphical launcher
-Added FATX2 wrapper
-fixed minor crash problems

This was the first version we felt kinda confident with.