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XBOX_Media_Center_2005-05-02_build-INDPosted 08:25:50pm 05/01/2005
Xbox Media Center

May 5th 2005 build

Included skin: Project Mayhem III - note that other skins may not fully work
Included scripts: QuickTimeBrowser (replacement for AQTBrowser),
LaunchBrowser, GameSpotPlus, simpleKML (Web Radio) - all working as of

Changelog since March 4th build:

  - 01-05-2005 added: codec factory for paplayer
  - 01-05-2005 added: enabled pcm passthrough in paplayer
  - 01-05-2005 fixed: ac97 sound device has not counted total bytes added
  - 01-05-2005 fixed: pcm passthrough was not working using mplayer
  - 01-05-2005 fixed: some mp3's may hang when playing with paplayer
  - 29-04-2005 added: support for .tbn and folder.jpg images for music .pls
and .strm files
  - 29-04-2005 fixed: Multichannel audio wasn't being downmixed properly
when ac3 decoder was enabled in dash, but analog autput set in xbmc. Also
caused sync problems
  - 28-04-2005 added: Initial Replaygain support to PAPlayer - only works
from ID3v2 tags (non-standard) atm.
  - 28-04-2005 added: APE lossless support to PAPlayer.
  - 28-04-2005 changed: Refactored PAPlayer to remove all the mp3-specific
  - 28-04-2005 changed: audioscrobbler info labels shown no info when
scrobbler is disabled
  - 28-04-2005 fixed: rss feed could crash
  - 28-04-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to dog099)
  - 28-04-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
  - 28-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 27-04-2005 fixed: Goom/G-Force  and  related crashes.
  - 26-04-2005 added: Set Artist Thumb via Music Library context menu after
an artist filter is applied
  - 26-04-2005 fixed: mute symbol is not shown after startup, if volume is
  - 26-04-2005 changed: music scan dialog is not allocated at startup anymore
  - 26-04-2005 changed: auto discovered xbmsp server show network share
icon now
  - 25-04-2005 updated: German language file
  - 25-04-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to dog099)
  - 25-04-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 25-04-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 25-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 24-04-2005 added: "Play Item" added to Music Context Menu to support
PLAY action in Files and Library views since the Play action is not mapped
by default on the gamepad
  - 24-04-2005 added: Play action in Music Files can be used to recursively
play a folder using the temporary playlist (like in Music Library view)
  - 24-04-2005 fixed/changed: stuff-up with ac3/dts passthrough with
dvdplayer and fixes to discontinuity handling
                              selecing audiotrack from dvdmenu should now
be fully working.
  - 24-04-2005 changed: white button on keypad now brings up the new
  - 22-04-2005 fixed: Location of Kai Thumbs didn't use the thumbs folder
  - 22-04-2005 added: gapless mp3 playback.  Files should be encoded with
LAME (>3.90.3) in order to be truly gapless.
  - 22-04-2005 changed: Enable Visualisation combined into vis spincontrol
(first option is Off).
  - 22-04-2005 changed: my music, adding songs to existing, stopped
playlist will start the first song added
  - 22-04-2005 added: audioscrobbler now saves a cache if no server is
available or connection failed
  - 22-04-2005 fixed: audioscrobbler tried to submit songs, before the
initial handshake with the server succeeds
  - 19-04-2005 changed: increased thumb cache to 64K thumbs (from 4K)
                        thumbs will need to be recreated or use
tools/ from the scripts dialog to update your old thumb cache
  - 19-04-2005 fixed: create thumbs in my pictures now skips files that
already have thumbs
  - 19-04-2005 changed: settings where 0 indicates off show "Off" as text now
  - 19-04-2005 fixed: audioscrobbler status notification is shown every 30
sec. if no network connection available
  - 19-04-2005 updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to jose_t)
  - 19-04-2005 updated: German language file
  - 19-04-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 19-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 19-04-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 18-04-2005 added: option to disable music visualisation (localized
string instead of using disabled.vis)
  - 18-04-2005 added: Support for AC3/DTS passthrough for dvdplayer and
partly fixed audiostream selection from dvdmenu.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: PAPlayer seeking was way too fast.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: Time display in VBR files after seeking is now more
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: .Cue sheet sort order in sort by files.
  - 17-04-2005 added: Better VBR seeking for PaPlayer.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: AudioScrobbler submission on .cue sheet items was wrong.
  - 17-04-2005 changed: Skin version hits v1.3.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: .Cue sheet media file finding.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: Timeoffset in PAPlayer (.cue sheets).
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: More universal remote double tap fixes.
  - 17-04-2005 fixed: Version is derived internally (top of
GUIInfoManager.cpp) instead of relying on strings.xml.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: duplicate and phantom entries in Video Actors,
Genres, and Years views.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: PAPlayer FF/RW when id3 reading is turned off.
Opening to timeoffset initial code.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: Left + Down on left thumb stick wasn't working correctly.
  - 16-04-2005 changed: SetViewPort()/RestoreViewPort() done in the control
rather than by the visualisation.  Should hopefully eliminate the
"flickering screen on homepage" issue.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: Possible crash in Video database views if the
listcontrol had the wrong id.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: audioscrobbler status was only updated when
restarting after settings change
  - 16-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: Mute dialog was not allocated, and thus not rendered.
  - 16-04-2005 fixed: [ 1182782 ] Default mode for Digital output should be
  - 15-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: CUtil::URLEncode ignored '&' and '='
  - 15-04-2005 added: selectItem method to ControlList for python, thanks
to sambarza.
  - 15-04-2005 updated: German language file
  - 15-04-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: Double linebreak in TextBox caused repeated lines.
  - 15-04-2005 added: New built in function XBMC.EjectTray for
opening/closing the dvd tray.
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: Adjust Frame Rate and PAL60 clash on 25fps files. 
  - 15-04-2005 added: audioscrobbler support
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: kai, crash when friend has no avatar
  - 15-04-2005 added: patch [ 1178392 ] Proxy support for shoutcast thanks
to soepy.
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: bug [ 1180705 ] Empty Files and illegal fatx file
names on SMB Server stops copy Process.
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: Togglebuttons weren't scaled on the fly correct
(VideoOSD in PAL60 mode).
  - 15-04-2005 updated: libdvdnav.dll and libdvdcss-2.dll with support for
largefiles (>2gb, using our custom headers)
  - 15-04-2005 added: added workround for next chapter/prev chapter which
reuse global action_codes
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: Seeking didn't work at all in dvdplayer when playing
  - 15-04-2005 fixed: Initial highlight was displayed immidiatly when found
instead of delayed as it should.
  - 15-04-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to akoakoako)
  - 15-04-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to tijmengozer)
  - 14-04-2005 added: Music is muted 9dB on ffwd/rewd with mp3 player.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: Fadelabels didn't fade out in visualisation on press
of white.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: Switching from GUI<->fullscreen video when paused
could result in black screens or blank video controls.
  - 14-04-2005 added: #define in Util.h to specify whether to build for
skin version 1.3 or not.  Uncomment this line if you want to test for 1.3
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: bug [ 1182993 ] My Pictures - View As button could
get stuck on List or Big Icons.
  - 14-04-2005 added: Python bindings for built in XBMC functions. Based on
SF patch [ 1175015 ] thanks to thor918.
  - 14-04-2005 added: InfoManager labels: System.BuildDate and
  - 14-04-2005 added: Built-in functions XBMC.SlideShow(dir) and
  - 14-04-2005 added: patch [ 1182692 ]: Fix XBMC lockup with empty python
list control selection, thanks to gimblefoot.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: Weather.Location wasn't working.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: bug [1182765] : Playlist – too many ‘/’.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: More Visz <-> GUI crashes.
  - 14-04-2005 fixed: Texture allocation thread-clash on windows/dialogs
opened from fullscreen video.
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: PaPlayer FF/RW now works perfectly
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: PaPlayer audio device starving by increasing buffer size
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: highlighting in dvdmenu failed if an menu with
different highlighting scheme had been displayed before
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: universal remote double taps (Sony universal)
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: controlbutton python docs.
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: label/image  showed wrong info if no valid info
was available.
  - 13-04-2005 changed: My Pictures uses GUIViewControl to handle views.
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: Remote double tap (universal remotes)
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: Crash/exception in Visualisation control (caused
render issues)
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: Spectrum analyser didn't free memory correctly.
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: dvdplayer didn't work at all as it's pixelshader
source had been removed
  - 13-04-2005 added: new virtual window for dvdplayer when in menu mode.
allows nicer keymappings.
  - 13-04-2005 updated: German language file
  - 13-04-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
  - 13-04-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 13-04-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 13-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 13-04-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 13-04-2005 fixed: ff/rw/play buttons on remote didn't work in fullscreen
  - 13-04-2005 added: Support to toggle new time/progbar display in
fullscreen (default mapped to white button)
  - 12-04-2005 changed: Textures are only loaded as needed if the are
specified as dynamic in OnWindowLoaded().
  - 12-04-2005 fixed: PaPlayer cue sheet based mp3 playback could crash at
time 0.
  - 12-04-2005 added: Support for  tag in label controls.
  - 12-04-2005 added: navigation sounds
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: FullscreenVideo wasn't rescaled correctly to PAL60.
  - 11-04-2005 changed: GUIInfoManager if/else blocks to switch (faster)
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: Buffering text wasn't displayed during buffering
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: Selected item in My Videos wasn't remembered.
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: Double tap remote bug.
  - 11-04-2005 changed: Removed duplicate code from Video OSD/Fullscreen.
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: Context menu didn't popup in empty dirs if "Hide
Parent Items" was turned on.
  - 11-04-2005 fixed: GUI Filters were not used correctly when returning
from Slideshow.
  - 11-04-2005 changed: Removed duplicate code from the Video Playlist window
  - 11-04-2005 changed: Removed all info* controls as it was just duplicate
  - 11-04-2005 changed: Optimised lookup of info from GUIInfoManager.
  - 10-04-2005 added: Progressbar control now obey's width/height.
Background texture is used as reference to calculate scaling of other textures.
  - 10-04-2005 added: the following api to HttpApi: config (access the
configuration commands previously only available through ASP)
  - 10-04-2005 fixed: Crash in home on PM3 during video playback with UI
off-center due to SetViewWindow() not correctly bounds checking.
  - 10-04-2005 changed: Cleaned up progressbar display during fullscreen
and added two new conditional visibilty strings for skinning
                        Player.DisplayAfterSeek : Displays for 2.5 seconds
after a seek has finished and during ff/rw
                        Player.IsCaching : True when the player is paused
and recaching data
  - 10-04-2005 updated: mplayer.dll to current cvs (support for full
recaching of internet stream before resuming)
  - 10-04-2005 added: Harddisk spins up just before the end of the movie so
that transistions during stacking is faster.
  - 10-04-2005 changed: Switching views issues in My Music Top 100 view. 
Big list view has changed id to 52.
  - 10-04-2005 changed: Removed unnecessary code from My Music + changed
videoPlaylists window to use CGUIViewControl.
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: Default control can now be focused on the list/thumb
in music + video views.
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: Some 3rd party AV packs report as being "VGA"
adapters incorrectly.  XBMC now supports this mode and enables Digital
output for it.
  - 09-04-2005 changed: Analog ffwd/rewd mapped to triggers in Vis, and
dpad left/right is skip previous/next.
  - 09-04-2005 added: WHITE hides/reveals controls on musicVisualisation
screen.  Two options: either on or off.  When off, the song is faded in +
out at beginning and end.
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: Redid the video output startup/texture management. 
Prevents crashes when starting when minimized.
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: Spurious error message caused by empty infoImages.
  - 09-04-2005 added: Video playlists will cause the video to remain
minimized when switching videos if it is already minimized.
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: IMDb info that failed showed "My Programs" string on
the error dialog.
  - 09-04-2005 changed: Project Mayhem III is new default skin
  - 09-04-2005 added: directory tokens which reference XBMC's special
directories for use as bookmark paths: $HOME, $SUBTITLES, $THUMBNAILS,
  - 09-04-2005 fixed: music database cleanup with LARGE song table (SF bug
  - 09-04-2005 added: support for pausing and rebuffering completly before
continuing playback when running out of data
  - 09-04-2005 added: support for using a skinned progress control in
fullscreen video to display current position.
  - 08-04-2005 changed:  tag in image controls is now a boolean
conditional.  eg Player.HasMedia will cause the image to
be rendered only if the player has something playing (or paused). 
  - 08-04-2005 changed: Z-buffer now used throughout the GUI (more mem
usage, but it's needed for the visz)
  - 08-04-2005 changed: Hardware overlays renderer drops down to low
quality pixel shader for the GUI.  Means
                        we have more mem free + the use of alpha.
  - 08-04-2005 fixed: Fullscreen Visualisation render order if no
visualisation control present.
  - 07-04-2005 changed: alpha-numeric sorting is now case-insensitive.
  - 07-04-2005 changed: Reduced Karaoke settings considerably.
  - 07-04-2005 fixed: SetViewPort() crash if given out of range values.
  - 07-04-2005 added: Support for  tag in keymap.xml
  - 07-04-2005 added: More subtitle colours (Blue, Bright Green, Cyan +
Yellow Green)
  - 07-04-2005 added: Visualisation now runs in a control.  See
musicVisualisation.xml for an example.  Some visz's (Boxalizer) probably
need redoing.
  - 07-04-2005 fixed: Keymap for numeric + gamepad dialogs.
  - 06-04-2005 fixed: Python checkmark controls.
  - 06-04-2005 added: Left thumbstick individual direction keymappings.
  - 06-04-2005 changed: Visualisations now accept a position on screen
  - 06-04-2005 fixed: Stack overflow in volumebar/playcontrol combination.
  - 06-04-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 05-04-2005 removed: My Music Albums, Artists, and Genres views.  Use My
Music Library instead.
  - 05-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 05-04-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 05-04-2005 added: Python patches [ 1166891 ] and [ 1176789 ] from
  - 05-04-2005 fixed: List/thumb controls couldn't move right off the
  - 05-04-2005 fixed: Search for home dir checks for keymap.xml as well as
the skin folder.
  - 05-04-2005 fixed: Video Genre/Actors now show only those that are
associated with a valid movie.
  - 05-04-2005 changed: Video views now use the CGUIViewControl to handle
the views.
  - 05-04-2005 fixed: problems with alphanumeric sorting (numbers came
after characters)
  - 05-04-2005 fixed: IMDb problem (memory overflow with huge numbers of
returned movies).
  - 05-04-2005 changed: Nav view now uses alphanumeric sorting.
  - 04-04-2005 fixed: re-scanning music dirs and music thumbnail caching
  - 04-04-2005 fixed: Scissors clipping crash in FullscreenVideo->GUI switch.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: DVD/Video off DVD/LAN cache defaults to 4Mb.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: Default regexps for filestacking.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: Sort orders when sorting by Artist + Album now also
include the album + artist + tracknumber info so everything is easier to find.
  - 04-04-2005 added: Skin files for popup player controls.  Mapped to
START by default.  Users of other skins may want to remap START back to the
stop action.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: IMDb lookups return the list of found movies even
if there is only 1 (allows manual lookup if it got it wrong.)
  - 04-04-2005 changed: Improved the analog stick + trigger response +
allowed analog ffwd and analog rewd to be mapped globally (eg Right thumb
stick left and right works nicely.)
  - 04-04-2005 added: Search for .cue sheet underlying media checks for
cuesheetname.mp3 and the dropping of the .cue extension.
  - 04-04-2005 added: support for smb://username@server/share (ie no
password set no longer requires the colon.)
  - 04-04-2005 fixed: Typos in source.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: Volume bar is now modeless.
  - 04-04-2005 changed: Render order is now: Window, Overlays, Dialogs.
(was Window, Dialogs, Overlays).
  - 04-04-2005 added:  tags to togglebutton + removed
duplicate code (now derives from GUIButtonControl).  The 
tag specifies a condition under which the toggle button should show the
altTextures.  Current valid conditions are: Player.Paused,
Player.Rewinding, Player.Forwarding.
  - 04-04-2005 added: Execute functions: XBMC.PlayerControl(action), where
action can be: Play, Stop, Rewind, Forward, Next, Previous.  Useful for OSD
  - 04-04-2005 added: New dialog window PlayerControls.xml.  id is 114. 
Can be anything you like, but I suspect you'll want to use it for actual
playercontrols, as it is only displayed while something is playing! 
Suggest mapping to pop this window up on START.  Does not display on the
FullScreenVideo screen as we have an OSD for that anyway.
  - 04-04-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 04-04-2005 updated: German language file
  - 03-04-2005 added: a couple of emulated functions for dll loading
  - 03-04-2005 fixed: missing or empty  or  tags in strings.xml.
  - 02-04-2005 fixed: Stacked files on iso9660 didn't work.
  - 02-04-2005 fixed: vcd's/svcd's autostart doesn't start the video on
disc if a stacked video was played before
  - 02-04-2005 fixed: Some stacked files weren't "cleaned up" correctly.
  - 02-04-2005 fixed: Queuing a folder of music to a shuffled playlist
doesn't shuffle the first song.
  - 02-04-2005 fixed: Queuing albums from Nav view.
  - 01-04-2005 removed: mplayerdebug is no longer needed. Just setting
loglevel to 0 will enabled mplayer logs.
  - 01-04-2005 removed: Old (not working) method of stopping ffwd + rewd on
trigger release. 
  - 01-04-2005 changed: Renamed "Nav" view to "Library".
  - 01-04-2005 added: Big List to the Nav Music view at the albums level.
  - 01-04-2005 fixed: vcd's/svcd's autostart only the first movie on a cd
  - 01-04-2005 fixed: [ 1171973 ]  visualisations and screensaver xml have
missing end tags (Thanks to jaap3)
  - 01-04-2005 fixed: crash when  of a  tag in a language
file is empty
  - 01-04-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 01-04-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 01-04-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 01-04-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to dog099)
  - 31-03-2005 fixed: kai, crash when removing newly added contact when
"just signed in" toast message is still on screen
  - 31-03-2005 fixed: kai, crash when removing last contact
  - 31-03-2005 fixed: kai toast dialog only shows the last notification in
the queue
  - 31-03-2005 added: New built-in command XBMC.ReloadSkin()
  - 31-03-2005 fixed: Several translation strings in My Weather.
  - 31-03-2005 added: support for MusicBrainz id's from ogg and mp3 tags
  - 31-03-2005 added: Initial support for SMB share username/password
prompting if it's not set in XBoxMediaCenter.xml.  Thanks to BillJam for
the patch.
  - 30-03-2005 fixed: Webserver password reset to No Pass did not reset
  - 30-03-2005 fixed: Srt subtitles out of sync with framerateadjuster
enabled after last fix
  - 30-03-2005 changed: Stacking now uses Regular Expressions for finding
where to stack.  They're specified in XBoxMediaCenter.xml.  Most people
probably don't need to change the defaults.
  - 30-03-2005 changed: Sorting in Video views is a little more
intelligent.  Sorts numbers separately (eg Disk 1... Disk 10) are sorted
  - 30-03-2005 fixed: Correctly retrieve movie title + movie writing
credits from IMDb.
  - 29-03-2005 fixed: duplicate album entries in My Music Nav window for
Various Artists albums when no artist filter is applied
  - 29-03-2005 fixed: Videodatabase wasn't retrieving boolean values from
database correctly (ex. FrameRateAdjustment wherent being restored)
  - 29-03-2005 fixed: Incorrect options given to mplayer when
framerateadjustement was enabled. Could have been cause of problems with
autosync and subtitles.
  - 28-03-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to woozc)
  - 28-03-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 28-03-2005 added: user-agent to mplayer.conf, "MPEG" needed for old
SHOUTcast-servers. Please leave intact.
  - 27-03-2005 changed: Made sure triggers submit a keypress wen released.
Makes sure ff/rw resumes properly on trigger release
  - 27-05 2005 updated: mplayer.dll, fixes rewind jumps back to beginning
when resuming playback.
  - 26-03-2005 changed: UseTags and FindRemoteThumbs are automatically
enabled when a music scan starts, and restored when completed
  - 25-03-2005 fixed: tbn thumbnails on iso9660 discs
  - 23-03-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to akoako)
  - 23-03-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 23-03-2005 fixed: ".." item was always hidden in DVD folders.
  - 22-03-2005 fixed: [ 1095213 ] Error handleing of xboxmediacenter.xml.
  - 22-03-2005 added: VideoPlayer.Cover infoimage to the infomanager.
  - 22-03-2005 fixed: Harddisk spin up when fast fowarding (or display of
any control in full screen video).
  - 22-03-2005 fixed: The settings table in the video database needs
clearing out for audio stream problems.
  - 21-03-2005 changed: dvd thumbs are no longer considered remote so they
are cached regardless of the FindRemoteThumbs setting 
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: correct album thumbs are displayed when multiple
albums are in the same directory (be sure to enable ID3 tag reading before
  - 21-03-2005 changed: network.ipaddress infolabel prefixes "IP: " to the
ip address.
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: Audio stream settings caused problems on saving video
info if the audio stream was  stereo.  Plus, the stereo/left/right setting
was not saved on a per-video basis.  Caused no audio on playback after the
Audio options from the OSD had been accessed last time the video was played.
  - 21-03-2005 added: Options in settings.xml to adjust the max A/V and
subs delays.
  - 21-03-2005 changed: Autorun priority runs: DVD->(S)VCD->PICTURE
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: [ 1165273 ] Resume Play doesn't work on stacked items.
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: Only the first item in a stacked video appeared in
the database views.
  - 21-03-2005 removed: Fuzzy stacking.
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: Slideshow on a dir with just 1 item in it would cause
a crash.
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: Homepage buttonscroller images were deallocated and
reallocated every frame.  No decent workaround available at present, so
they are always allocated.
  - 21-03-2005 fixed: After seek or ff/rw in music, first 1/4 of a second
of audio is from another part of the file.
  - 21-03-2005 changed: Removed autosync=30 from mplayer.conf as it
shouldn't be needed with the better audiorender accuracy.
  - 21-03-2005 changed: Improved xbmc's audio renderers accuracy in
reporting correct amount in buffers. 
  - 20-03-2005 fixed: Htmlparser didnt account for a true ampersand
(example: genre 'R&B' from was parsed as 'R')
  - 20-03-2005 fixed: [ 1166726 ] Playback of some AVI files is corrupted.
  - 19-03-2005 added:  tag to images + infoimages.  Fixes
SF bug 1162592.
  - 19-03-2005 changed: Games bookmark defaults to F: now (so that the
 tag works correctly)
  - 19-03-2005 fixed: Progress control didn't offset from the window's
,  coordinates.  Skins that have worked around this bug need
  - 19-03-2005 fixed: Subtitle size in Hardware overlays mode.
  - 19-03-2005 added:  tag to XBoxMediaCenter.xml.  Set to
false if you have an old bios that causes a crash on autodetection.
  - 19-03-2005 fixed: Overlays dim on screensaver activate while video is
  - 19-03-2005 fixed: MusicPlayer and VideoPlayer labels only return
something if there is the appropriate media type playing.
  - 18-03-2005 fixed: Play action in My Music Nav does not interfere with
unpausing, or returning playback speed to 1
  - 18-03-2005 added: When music is paused, the play button will unpause
  - 18-03-2005 fixed: AddItemToPlayList crashing in XBMChttp.cpp and
XBMCweb.cpp following changes to FileItem.cpp
  - 18-03-2005 added: & sample
python scripts to xbmc\scripts - thanks to gimblefoot
  - 18-03-2005 added: [ 1163487 ] Expose more CGUIListItem methods to
python xbmcgui.ListItem, setLabel2() - set the second label on the list
item, getLabel2() - get the second label from the list item,
setThumbnailImage() - set the thumbnail image for the list item,
setIconImage() - set the icon image for the list item, keyword parameters
support for ListItem constructor. - thanks to gimblefoot
  - 18-03-2005 fixed: crash on startup if kai is connected
  - 17-03-2005 fixed: Song info is displayed upon song change when in a
  - 17-03-2005 fixed: "The ..." items were not sorted correctly if the
following characters were T,h,e or space.
  - 17-03-2005 removed: list, listex and thumbcontrol can not be focused
anymore if they have no items -> Problems in Video OSD with empty lists
  - 17-03-2005 added: a few new api's to HttpApi
  - 17-03-2005 fixed: cdda ripper doesn't use cddb info for ripping
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: crash when switching skin if kai is connected
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: [ 1072255 ][ 1157300 ] Spindown does not work for
wmv9 video
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: videoplayer.year showed 0 if no movie (or no movie
info) was available.
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: musicplayer.title sometimes showed file extension if
Hide File Extensions was on.
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: Animated Gifs only show the first frame
  - 16-03-2005 fixed: GUIWindowManager now correctly dispatches messages to
modeless windows
  - 16-03-2005 added: mute support for the media center extender remote
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: my music nav window showing false items due to lookups
  - 15-03-2005 changed: removed musicdatabase from precompiled headers,
removed more unnecessary includes
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: all windows, last control was not focused
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: memory leak in rgbrenderer.
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: switching from PM3 to another skin, the settings
window is misplaced
  - 15-03-2005 changed: list, listex and thumbcontrol can not be focused
anymore if they have no items
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: actions where sent to focused controls if they are
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: video/music playlist, no control is focused when all
items from a playlist are removed
  - 15-03-2005 changed: Controls free their resources when they are not
visible -> more freemem in most screens
  - 15-03-2005 fixed: mem leak in DAAPDirectory
  - 15-03-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 15-03-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 15-03-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 15-03-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to
  - 15-03-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to tijmengozer)
  - 15-03-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 15-03-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 14-03-2005 fixed: filelist is updated correctly after removing items
from playlists
  - 13-03-2005 fixed: crash in my videos
  - 13-03-2005 added: Cache dialog shows progressbar when caching.
  - 13-03-2005 changed: Radiobutton renders not selected when disabled.
  - 13-03-2005 changed: Removed clear of z-buffer in videorenders.
  - 13-03-2005 changed: Replaced all VECFILEITEMS with CFileItemList
  - 13-03-2005 added: VideoPlayer.Genre, VideoPlayer.Year,
VideoPlayer.Directory for infolabels/infofadelabels.
  - 13-03-2005 fixed: weather broken since last update
  - 12-03-2005 changed: code cleanup, removing unnecessary inlcudes, making
more use of precompiled headers
  - 12-03-2005 changed: moved cddb info reading into a tag loader
  - 12-03-2005 changed: 

XBOX_Media_Center_2005-03-04_build-INDPosted 03:14:57pm 03/04/2005
XBOX Media Center, March 4th 2005 build

The /mplayer directory has been dropped, only the mplayer.dll found in
/system/players/mplayer is now used.
Check out the new screensavers and many other additions, bugfixes and

Since 01-15:

  - 04-03-2005 added: wma tag loader, support for multiple artists and genres
  - 04-03-2005 changed: Reversed Clear() change as it caused graphics leak
through when UI calibration was not at 0,0.
  - 04-03-2005 added: Thumbs table clean up on cleanup of the music library.
  - 04-03-2005 fixed: Small thumbs in list controls weren't centered +
other small graphical glitches here and there.
  - 04-03-2005 changed: Zoom in my pictures now goes in steps of 1.0, 1.2,
1.5, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 6.0, 9.0, 13.5 and 20.
  - 04-03-2005 changed: Pictures have more scope for being larger. 
Previously they were limited to 2048 in either direction.  The limitation
now is 4096 in either direction, with the number of pixels being less than
4Mp (can't have more than this without rewriting the imagelib due to RAM
constraints).  Should give better detail when zoomed.
  - 04-03-2005 fixed: Volume amplification setting for videos was applied
to music as well.
  - 04-03-2005 enabled: autosync=30 by default
  - 04-03-2005 fixed: using autosync caueses problems when resuming from
pause. (updated mplayer.dll again)
  - 03-03-2005 updated: mplayer.dll to current cvs (final real fix +
autosync fix)
  - 03-03-2005 changed: background music info scanner is default now
(setting removed)
  - 03-03-2005 added: Cached thumb location is now stored in the database.
 Music database SHOULD auto-update when you first access My Music.
  - 03-03-2005 removed: old mplayer use.  We now only use the
system/players/mplayer directory.
  - 03-03-2005 fixed: music overlay sometimes shows no default thumb, eg.
when starting a http stream with python
  - 03-03-2005 changed: GUIButtonControl and GUIToggleButtonControl send
their click message before executing a action or a hyperlink
  - 02-03-2005 fixed: screensaver preview sometimes crashes
  - 02-03-2005 fixed: screensaver preview button is enabled when
screensaver is off
  - 02-03-2005 changed: folders and files from smb will be sorted by
modification date now
  - 02-03-2005 added: Screensavers from the competition.
  - 02-03-2005 changed: Rendering of CGUIImage -> big boost in gui
framerate (most noticeable in 1080i)
  - 02-03-2005 fixed: [ 1155038 ] "Video calibration" error
  - 02-03-2005 changed: moved cdda reading to CFileCdda class
  - 02-03-2005 fixed: cdda player, couldn't seek to the start of a track
  - 02-03-2005 fixed: cdda player, gui was choppy when seeking
  - 02-03-2005 added: new infofadelabel control.  Works like infolabel,
except you can have multiple  tags.  See the PM MusicOverlay.xml
files for an example.
  - 02-03-2005 updated: German language file (Thnx to klapperx)
  - 02-03-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 02-03-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 02-03-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 02-03-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 02-03-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 02-03-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to tijmengozer)
  - 01-03-2005 added: Screensaver screenshot ability.
  - 01-03-2005 fixed: Changed Karaoke default delay from 80 to -80 as per
SF bug report [1101736].
  - 01-03-2005 added: Patches [1153934] and [1153884] thanks to MrC.
  - 01-03-2005 fixed: flashing screen when viewing pictures
  - 28-02-2005 changed: some gui rendering optimization
  - 28-02-2005 added: More DirectX exports for screensavers, thanks to SiW
+ MrC
  - 28-02-2005 fixed: Kai window showed incorrect image in Friends view.
  - 28-02-2005 fixed: Possible crash bug when dialog in Fullscreen video is
  - 28-02-2005 fixed: 100k or so memleak in Settings screens.
  - 27-02-2005 fixed: switching between list/thumbs/bigthumbs in Music->Nav
root window (& corrected date for the last few items added today to this
  - 27-02-2005 change: Use alternate mplayer location now means old
mplayer.dll location, and not setting it means new mplayer.dll
                       Remember to verify your settings to make sure you
are using the proper dll (ie for most disable Use alternate mplayer location)
  - 27-02-2005 update: mplayer.dll to current cvs version. (final flac fix
+ realvideo 10 fix)
  - 27-02-2005 fixed: progbar/subtitles display chopped of when starting a
new movie while one is already running
  - 27-02-2005 removed: YUY2 Overlays and LQ Pixel shader render modes have
been removed.  Combo renderer has been renamed to "Hardware Overlays" and
MQ Pixel shader is now LQ pixel shader.  Default is Combo renderer which is
the best all-round.
  - 27-02-2005 added: IMDb scraping moved into system/HTMLScraper.dll.  You
must have this in order for IMDb lookups to function!
  - 27-02-2005 added: Source for IMDb scraping dll + a windows test
application (useful in it's own right). See Tools\HTMLScraper\IMDbLookup.
  - 26-02-2005 cleanup: moved (most) Is..(), SetThumb()... functions from
CUtil to CFileItem,
                        different other cleanups
  - 26-02-2005 fixed: stacked video freezes on start of second video
  - 26-02-2005 changed: gui presentation interval + removed blocking wait
for vertical blank from gui thread
  - 26-02-2005 fixed: DVDImage/Folder playback could fail on remote drives
(smb,ccx..) if password set with new player
  - 25-02-2005 fixed: My Music view resets to file view on restart if it
was set to navigator view.
  - 25-02-2005 fixed: Stack overflow in ActivateWindow if it's called with
an invalid window from a windows OnInit message handler.
  - 24-02-2005 added: My Music iPod-style Navigator. (Initial commit.
Support for multiple artists and genres coming SOON!)
  - 24-02-2005 fixed: Timing Issues: Printing XBE Title To LCD On Launch
  - 24-02-2005 fixed: Some long-lined vobsubs were not displayed. Fixed in
alternate mplayer only.
  - 24-02-2005 changed: Delay audio output until video is ready to play
  - 24-02-2005 fixed: [ 1093336 ] MusicInfoTagLoaderWMA.cpp string
conversion resulted in double length strings
  - 23-02-2005 changed: Get available subtitle fonts and sizes from
alternate mplayer path if alternate mplayer is enabled
  - 23-02-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 23-02-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
  - 23-02-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 23-02-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 23-02-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 23-02-2005 fixed: Switching from Fullscreen Video -> GUI now looks more
professional (blank screen rather than stalled/mangled video)
  - 23-02-2005 added: [ 1149558 ] Printing XBE Title To LCD On Launch. 
Thanks sniperkilla!
  - 22-02-2005 fixed: Crash when Kai is re-entered after a skin/font/etc.
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: Yet another weather localization fix.  Thanks KoTiX!
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: Updated system/players/mplayer/mplayer.dll to current
CVS (includes flac fix + crash fix)
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: Music Database Cleanup would remove all songs from
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: iTunes sharing caused crash if no connection (or
iTunes sharing) was available.
  - 21-02-2005 added: More weather localization thanks to Kotix.  Busy is
also localized (string 503).
  - 21-02-2005 added: Writing files returns false if unable to do so. 
Means that moving files will only
                      allow the source file to be deleted if the copy was
successful - thanks to modplug.
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: Highlight sometimes didn't go away in filemanager
when doing popup menu stuff.
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: Destination files weren't deleted if copy/move was
  - 21-02-2005 added: Option to enable fatal error handler on fatal errors
in XBoxMediaCenter.xml.  Defaults to false (off).
  - 21-02-2005 added: ButtonScrollers with  off can move to a
different control off the top + bottom (or left + right for horizontal
  - 21-02-2005 fixed: OSD audio menu lockup
  - 20-02-2005 changed: Enlarge Vobsubs changed to Resize Vobsubs. 
Percentage runs from 30% -> 200%.  Defaults to 100%.  If you don't reset
your settings on upgrade (which there is no need for) it will be initally
set to 30%, which you may wish to change.
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: Buttonscroller focus from another control didn't
update background images correctly.
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: OSD crashes when filling listcontrols.
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: Noise level was not used correctly for video filters.
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: various info related things (eg music current pos
could show negative times)
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: Kai avatar on toast dialog wasn't shown in correct
  - 20-02-2005 changed: Improved handling of resolution switching in
GUI->Fullscreen video.
  - 20-02-2005 fixed: Comborenderer small window in different resolution.
  - 19-02-2005 added: System.CPUTemperature, System.GPUTemperature, and
System.FanSpeed to the infoManager.
  - 19-02-2005 changed: audiobuffer sizes for smoother pal video
  - 19-02-2005 added: Option to disable thumbnail generation during picture
  - 19-02-2005 fixed: LCD: last bar of the progress is now shown
  - 19-02-2005 fixed: LCD: execution-timing for the LCD and SmartXX
(sometimes the display crashs, hope it's fixed now)
  - 19-02-2005 fixed: LCD: backlight-fix for the X3-LCD (thnx to GreenGian
and SniperKil for testing)
  - 19-02-2005 added: Smooth progress bar for the HD44780 (stop-symbol was
not used) (thnx to GreenGian and SniperKil to make it smooth)
  - 19-02-2005 cleanup: LCD progress bar code moved to LCD class
  - 18-02-2005 fixed:  doesn't work in music songs
  - 18-02-2005 fixed: Localization of UV data in weather.
  - 18-02-2005 fixed: crash bug in thumbpanels when switching from
large->small without resetting current focus.
  - 18-02-2005 added: progress bar for the LCD (smooth on KS0073, on
HD44780 later)
  - 18-02-2005 added: LCD option for HD44780/KS0073 controllers
  - 17-02-2005 fixed: dialog select doesn't free its items when it is closed
  - 17-02-2005 fixed: black screen when going from visualisation -> other
window -> press stop -> press back  
  - 17-02-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 16-02-2005 updated: German language file
  - 16-02-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 16-02-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 16-02-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 16-02-2005 fixed: Crash when going from FullScreenVideo -> other window
-> press stop -> press back twice.
  - 16-02-2005 fixed: Crash bug in Thumbpanels + page number display.
  - 16-02-2005 cleanup: Video time/duration is all calculated in the
infoManager now.
  - 16-02-2005 fixed: Lockups in blank dirs when hide parent folder item is on.
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: possible lock ups in video playlist and my programs
when no ThumbnailPanel present
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: [ 1122417 ] Pressing pause after playing finished
results in an exception
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: enable/disable "Repeat Folders" option only works
after restart
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: More weather localization stuff.  New ids need
translating: 388-393. Thanks to vnm.
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: [ 1122791 ] LCD: no display of current playbacktime
while videoplayback
  - 15-02-2005 fixed: wrong display in the lcd of following asci
characters: _ [ ] \
  - 14-02-2005 added: [ 1121950 ] Kai Games Dir & Game Search - thanks to
                      Games to start using kai are also looked up in the
program's database
  - 14-02-2005 fixed: Possible crashes in ListControl + RssControl.
  - 14-02-2005 fixed: Listcontrols weren't cleared correctly in some views
during UpdateDir().
  - 14-02-2005 fixed: Temperature label now shown correctly for weather
using infolabels.
  - 13-02-2005 fixed: No space between date and time in system info
  - 13-02-2005 fixed: short date's day and month are not swapped like in
settings set
  - 13-02-2005 fixed: album cover disappears if next song in a playlist is
  - 13-02-2005 added: Keymapping for python debug - only runs from the
Scripts window - thanks to EnderW + NotWired.
  - 13-02-2005 fixed: [ 1121387 ]	Fatal exception after dir up and select
in an empty folder
  - 12-02-2005 added: New infolabels: System.FreeSpace(C) returns freespace
on C (E, F, or G) and Network.IPAddress
  - 12-02-2005 fixed: Rebuilt image libs - seems to cure TIFF loading issues.
  - 10-02-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to akoakoako)
  - 10-02-2005 fixed: Weather localization.
  - 10-02-2005 fixed: [ 1119893 ] XLink Kai window freezes after chatting
then pressing left
  - 10-02-2005 added: More infolabel stuff to the infomanager, plus updated
various places to use the new methods.  See;f=7;t=10459;
for more info.
  - 10-02-2005 fixed: [ 1106617 ] Bug-fix for XBMC's XNS client support -
thanks to Jørn Jensen.
  - 09-02-2005 fixed: my music, when entering a unscanned directory, whose
files have no tags the second time, all files show " - "
  - 09-02-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 09-02-2005 fixed: wpl and b4s playlists do not work from other shares
then local
  - 09-02-2005 updated: German language file
  - 09-02-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 09-02-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 09-02-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 09-02-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
  - 09-02-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 09-02-2005 fixed: Harddisk spins down without any file playing when
Immediate HD Spindown set to Music & Video
  - 08-02-2005 added: Two new gui control types: infolabel and infoimage. 
Identical to label and image except they
                      come with an additional tag  with one of the 5
strings below.  More stuff to be added later.
                      Example code in Home.xml in Project Mayhem.
  - 08-02-2005 added: New InfoManager class for allowing specific
info/images to be displayed anywhere in the GUI.
                       Initially added 4 labels: Weather.Conditions,
Weather.Temperature, System.Time and System.Date
                       and 1 image: Weather.Conditions
  - 08-02-2005 changed: Weather is now obtained in a background thread on
  - 06-02-2005 added: new control ids 51-54 to MusicOverlay.xml for Title,
Artist, Year + Album labelcontrols.
  - 06-02-2005 fixed: 12 hour clock display on homepage - thanks to Nuka1195 
  - 06-02-2005 fixed: Thumbnail is erronously set when last entry in comma
separated  is an XBE.
  - 05-02-2005 fixed: Info on parent folder (..) in my music crash + some
contextmenu are now disabled on parentfolder items.
  - 05-02-2005 changed: High quality pixel shader uses less memory.  Drops
down to medium quality shader in GUI mode.
  - 05-02-2005 added: New medium quality Pixel shader.  Uses only 1 pass,
and very little memory
  - 04-02-2005 fixed: added font files that was missing in new mplayer
directory (thx to Diontae16)
  - 04-02-2005 added: windows media player playlists
  - 04-02-2005 fixed: subtitle/osd crash with high quality pixel shader
  - 04-02-2005 added: High quality pixel shader YV12->RGB method :)  Known
issues with switching to/from GUI
  - 03-02-2005 changed: delay when changing resolution in settings (easier
resolution selection)
  - 03-02-2005 fixed: sometimes unreadable discs will be detected as audio cd's
  - 03-02-2005 fixed: [ 1095048 Part 2 ] Icon for folder displayed using
XBE's icon (also fixed some stupidities).
  - 02-02-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 02-02-2005 updated: German language file
  - 02-02-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 02-02-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 02-02-2005 changed: removed libcdrip from project, libcdio replaces it
  - 02-02-2005 changed: cd ripper now uses libcdio for ripping
  - 02-02-2005 changed: cdda player is now based on libcdio 
  - 02-02-2005 updated: libcdio to version 0.72
  - 02-02-2005 added: Profile overwrite + context menu in profilewindow for
  - 01-02-2005 added: mplayer support for new system\players directory
structure, enable Alternate mplayer core in settings to use it.
                      Requires new compiled mplayer.dll, old dll's still
needs to be in old mplayer dir.
  - 01-02-2005 fixed: [ 1113362 ] Selecting "All songs" in Artist view
takes awfully long time
  - 01-02-2005 fixed: Slow music search
  - 01-02-2005 fixed: [ 1095048 ] If no DVD is in the drive, do not use
cached thumbnail.
  - 01-02-2005 added: My Programs option to cache thumbnails.  HDDLoader
users will want to turn this off.
  - 31-01-2005 fixed: Screenshot mem is freed correctly in overlays mode
  - 31-01-2005 fixed: Some defaults for movie viewing + "subs delay"
message no longer shows on movie start.
  - 31-01-2005 fixed: Incorrect webrequest HEAD sent when a value was
entered for HTTP Proxy Host but HTTP proxy was disabled.
  - 31-01-2005 fixed: videos (in certain resolutions) crash on subtitle/osd
display, more commonly reported as "MPEG2 files don't play".
  - 31-01-2005 added: Representative screenshot for overlay modes.
  - 31-01-2005 added: SF patch from kraqh3d enhancing the music title format:
               %N = tracknumber, %T = title, %A = artist, %B = album, %G =
genre, %Y = year, %% for a % sign.
  - 31-01-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 30-01-2005 updated: libcdio to version 0.71
  - 30-01-2005 updated: German language file
  - 30-01-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 30-01-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 30-01-2005 added: Auto gui resolution, sets highest enabled resolution,
Settings->Appearance->Look and Feel->Resolution
  - 30-01-2005 added: Music listing style can be specified in options (in
place of the Hide Track Numbers option)
  - 30-01-2005 fixed: Now Playing in My Videos goes to playlist view even
if nothing is playing.
  - 30-01-2005 fixed: Canceling scan of videos causes freeze.
  - 30-01-2005 changed: Reboot from FatalErrorHandler works on all buttons
now (thanks Fulg!)
  - 30-01-2005 fixed: Screensaver dims videos in ComboRenderer.
  - 30-01-2005 fixed: crash when leaving kai window
  - 30-01-2005 fixed: [ 1107267 ] CRC32::Compute needs to be case
insensitive (All thumbs need to be recreated)
  - 30-01-2005 added: file manager, show free disk space for hdd and total
size for DVD
  - 29-01-2005 fixed: 1080i aspect ratio in ComboRenderer
  - 29-01-2005 added: Pictures auto-rotate using EXIF information
  - 29-01-2005 fixed: Zoom in pictures should pause slideshow till unzoomed
  - 29-01-2005 added: Video database update code
  - 29-01-2005 added: Video settings are saved per-file to the video database.
  - 29-01-2005 added: [ 1111870 ] Blue Screen of Death (which isn't blue),
thanks to Fulg
  - 29-01-2005 fixed: textsubtitles were being rendered in sourceresolution
instead of outputresolution causing larg(er) subs and >2 lines on low(er)
resolution videos.
  - 29-01-2005 fixed: vobsubs were being clipped instead of scaled unless
displayresolution matched the vobsubresolution and no overscan was set.
(only with mplayer pre6)
  - 29-01-2005 fixed: subtitle files with uppercase extension were not loaded
  - 28-01-2005 fixed: attempting to change audio track locks up xbmc.
  - 28-01-2005 added: [ 1102392 ] XLink, support for multiple games dirs
(Thanks to scampa123)
                      Use a ; to separate them (example: f:\games;g:\games)
  - 26-01-2005 changed: free a little more memory when leaving kai window
  - 26-01-2005 fixed: my programs, last focused control is not remembered
  - 26-01-2005 changed: Merged audio/video/dvd cachesize settings for
harddisk to 1 setting.
               Added cachesize setting for unknown types on the internet
(url's without a known audio or video extension).
               Allow cache sizes of 0.
  - 26-01-2005 fixed: ID3 tags with UTF16 fields show strange characters
  - 26-01-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 26-01-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 26-01-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 26-01-2005 added: Options to disable looking for custom thumbs on
remote shares (folder.jpg/folder.tbn/.tbn),
                      Will speed things up on a slow connection and/or slow
server and/or you have many folders.
                      Settings -> My Videos/My Music -> Library
  - 24-01-2005 changed: Default IMDb url is now for
alternative title support.
  - 24-01-2005 added: [1105853]Added locks & context menu to My Programs,
fixed some bugs - thanks to slacker!
  - 24-01-2005 fixed: Screensaver could show music info - thanks to kraqh3d!
  - 24-01-2005 fixed: music info tag, remove possible \r\n at the end of a
tag field (artist, title...)
  - 24-01-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 24-01-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 24-01-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 24-01-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 24-01-2005 fixed: Zoom mode in Combo renderer + glitches.  Should be as
good as (or surpass) the YUY2 Overlays method now.
  - 22-01-2005 fixed: memory leak in Kai UI
  - 21-01-2005 fixed: the heading of dialog keyboard was not displayed
  - 21-01-2005 updated: German language file
  - 21-01-2005 changed: XLink window and dialogs are localizable now
  - 19-01-2005 added: [ 1099915 ] Enable debug log by pressing X+Y while
starting XBMC (Thanks to jarkkom). Enables logdebug, mplayerdebug and
  - 19-01-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 18-01-2005 updated: Catalan language file (Thnx to buc)
  - 18-01-2005 updated: German language file
  - 18-01-2005 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 18-01-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 17-01-2005 added: some more startuplogging
  - 17-01-2005 fixed: Minor blackscreen issues when starting videos in some
view modes (NB: Zoom is still not functioning in the overlay modes).
  - 17-01-2005 added: Combination Overlays/Pixel shader method (faster than
just overlays, with the same (or better?) quality)
  - 17-01-2005 changed: Minor tweaks to the pixel shader YV12->RGB
  - 17-01-2005 removed: Slow overlays method as it gave no improvement in
  - 16-01-2005 changed: mplayer command for postprocessing, no quality changes
  - 16-01-2005 added: Option to add Film Grain on video
  - 16-01-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to akoakoako)
  - 16-01-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 16-01-2005 fixed: CDDA playback broken
  - 15-01-2005 added: [ 1097508 ] Fix for FTP logging, new
GetTime/DateFormat functions (Thanks to jarkkom)
                      Logging is disabled by default, xbfilezilla will
write a daily logfile to /xbmc/Logs/
                      To enable logging set "Enable logging" in "FileZilla
Server.xml" to 1 

XBOX_Media_Center_2005-01-15_build-INDPosted 04:17:41am 01/15/2005
Jan 15th build of Xbox Media Center (

Including Project Mayhem & Project Mayhem II skins

Set Render Method to "YUY2 Overlays" for improved video quality (Settings
-> My Videos -> Video Filters)...

added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)
  - 14-01-2005 changed: extended asx parsing to support entryref tags and
different tag-casing
  - 14-01-2005 added: [ 1097753 ] Updated XBMC masterlock/share lock code
(Thanks to slacker)
  - 13-01-2005 fixed: Album thumbs don't show as icon for folder in listview
  - 13-01-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 13-01-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 13-01-2005 fixed: [ 1039490 ] Fan speed reset to full speed on exit on
1.6 Xbox
  - 11-01-2005 fixed: LPCM audio from ex. Music Video DVD's would only
create static.
  - 11-01-2005 fixed: Button scroller issues on homepage.
  - 11-01-2005 added: Third rendering method using overlays.  Added purely
to help find the reason behind the
                      quality improvements gained from the previous overlay
method.  This new method is identical
                      to the previous overlays method, except it uses
mplayers builtin YV12->YUY2 fast convertor.
                      Further info will be available later today in the thread:
                      NB: This output looks identical to my eyes as the
output from the pixel shader.
  - 11-01-2005 changed: Webserver authentication now defaults to BASIC
instead of DIGEST.  Solves Firefox issues.
  - 10-01-2005 added: Second rendering method using overlays.
                      Renderers can be switched from the GUI (Video
                      Known Issues: 1080i may not be 100% in terms of
Aspect ratio - it hasn't been tested
                                    Renderers cannot be switched on the fly
- change will take effect at
                                    next movie play.
                                    Overlays method is much slower than the
pixel shader method - reason is
                                    mostly to do with the software
YV12->YUY2 conversion done by mplayer.
  - 10-01-2005 fixed: [ 1059668 ] OSD and scene skip bug.
  - 10-01-2005 fixed: Slideshow info shows part of directory instead of
filename in osd
  - 10-01-2005 fixed: subtitles wouldn't display if on CD/DVD
  - 09-01-2005 updated: Greek language file (Thnx to modon)
  - 09-01-2005 fixed: fullscreen video view mode info, soften setting for
video was not displayed
  - 09-01-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to iikii)
  - 09-01-2005 updated: Chinese (Simple) language file (Thnx to iikii)
  - 09-01-2005 fixed: Pathes in progress dialog where not correctly shortened
  - 09-01-2005 changed: minor GUIThumbnailPanel performance tweaks
  - 09-01-2005 fixed: scanning smb shares the second time doesn't show the
add/rescan dialog
  - 09-01-2005 fixed: audio skips once on startup of videos
  - 09-01-2005 fixed [ 1090730 ] Playback Of MP3 Files With @
  - 08-01-2005 fixed: playlist windows, current playing item disappears
after using the context menu in it
  - 08-01-2005 changed: video/music info, smoother update of icons after
getting information
  - 08-01-2005 fixed: thumb cache was not cleared
  - 08-01-2005 changed: minor GUIListControl performance tweaks
  - 08-01-2005 changed: minor guiImage & xprfont performance tweaks
  - 07-01-2005 changed: Removed TITLE mapping to playlist view in My Music
and My Videos - it's on the context menu anyway.
  - 07-01-2005 changed: cdrip encoders moved into dll's, this should result
in a smaller executable
                        and a bit faster cd ripping (don't forget to copy
the new system folder!)
  - 07-01-2005 fixed: music playlist, all cue items show the tag info of
the first file
  - 07-01-2005 updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to anghlar)
  - 07-01-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 07-01-2005 fixed: filemanager, lock mode wasn't updated in both panes
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: filemanager, "Please insert disc" message on local shares
  - 06-01-2005 changed: New pixel shader output does YV12->RGB in one pass
(using Butcher's old code).
  - 06-01-2005 removed: guide mapping from MCE remote in keymap.xml - was
an unnecessary double up.
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: [ 1088812 ] Onscreen Keyboard fails when editing shares.
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: [ 1094724 ] Fan speed display bug
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: IMDb didn't filter HTML codes if a single match was
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: Texel alignment in video playback.
  - 06-01-2005 fixed: default.tbn sometimes did not get generated in proper
  - 05-01-2005 fixed: [ 1094725 ] Getting stuck on system info screen
  - 05-01-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 05-01-2005 fixed: possible problems with progress dialogs
  - 05-01-2005 fixed: slow startup with DVD in drive
  - 04-01-2005 fixed: music/video info hang
  - 04-01-2005 fixed: [ 1092849 ] Cancel saving profile freezes the xbox
  - 04-01-2005 fixed: [ 1092854 ] Music slide/shutdown menu freeze
  - 04-01-2005 changed: modal dialogs are completely rendered by the window
manager now
  - 04-01-2005 fixed: play a song in a folder, goto videos, start a movie,
when movie ends the songs is played again
  - 03-01-2005 updated: Chinese (Simple) language file (Thnx to iikii)
  - 02-01-2005 changed: my music, background scanner can be canceled during
its first operations
  - 02-01-2005 updated: sqlitedataset to 0.60 (now in namespace dbiplus)

XBOX_Media_Center_2005-01-02_build-INDPosted 04:24:34am 01/02/2005
  - 31-12-2004 added: my music, tag loader thread for playlist
  - 31-12-2004 added: my music, cache for unscanned directories, to allow
faster browsing
  - 31-12-2004 added: adapted keymap.xml to take full advantage of the
media center extender remote
  - 29-12-2004 added: support for xbox media center extender remote
(page+/-, vol+/-)
  - 28-12-2004 added: [ 1092220 ] Fix an exception for DLL Loader
  - 28-12-2004 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 28-12-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 28-12-2004 fixed: scan of the shoutcast top 500 directory was possible
using the context menu
  - 28-12-2004 fixed: shoutcast top 500, first stream disappears when Hide
parent folder items is enabled
  - 28-12-2004 fixed: [ 1090394 ] Autoswitch FIX for "ByFiles" type (Thnx
to kraqh3d)
  - 28-12-2004 updated: Danish language file (Thnx to twinther)
  - 28-12-2004 fixed: shoutcast playing hangs when cd+g is enabled
  - 27-12-2004 fixed: language code expansion didn't work if running as dash
  - 25-12-2004 changed: removed specification of first subtitle to allow
new mplayer.dll to function properly
  - 23-12-2004 fixed: [ 1087503 ] DVD XBE Title being cached in database.
  - 23-12-2004 fixed: Audio cache was always set to 0.
  - 22-12-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 22-12-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to
  - 22-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 22-12-2004 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
  - 22-12-2004 fixed: [ 1089975 ] Hebrew language file broken
  - 22-12-2004 fixed: reciever looses ac3/dts sync and gets it again when
starting playback
  - 21-12-2004 added: aiff audio playback to mplayer
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: lock of a share can't be removed if maxretry is set to 0
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: locked shares can be added to the playlists
  - 21-12-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 21-12-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 21-12-2004 updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to elotrolado)
  - 21-12-2004 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: thumbnailcache broken
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: music scanning and reading from database broken
(database has to be rescanned)
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: incorrect imdb plot due to imdb url changes.
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: imdb thumb not always saved due to imdb url changes.
  - 21-12-2004 fixed: Button Scroller Mouse bugs
  - 20-12-2004 fixed: Video Database bug introduced in the last update(s).
  - 20-12-2004 fixed: IMDb changed their site + urls today. XBMC updated to
  - 20-12-2004 fixed: serious bug in HTTP requests that result in  XBMC
ignoring some responses without Content-Length header.
  - 20-12-2004 added: XLink Kai app specific fail-safe mode, delete
kai-vectors.xml in XBMC dir to enable.
  - 20-12-2004 added: support for multiple subtitles, with language
extension ie: filename.eng.sub (needs new mplayer.dll)
  - 20-12-2004 changed: new subtitle name interface for xbmc, will fallback
to old style if missing (support old dlls)
  - 20-12-2004 added: full subtitle/audio translation database for both
iso639-1 and iso639-2 language codes
  - 20-12-2004 added: alternate subtitle support. add a file named
subtitle.[langext].[subext] in the alternate subtitle directory, and it
will show up as an alternate subtitle for all movies.
  - 20-12-2004 fixed: Crash in Pictures context menu.
  - 20-12-2004 fixed: Text glitches in some IMDb lookups
  - 19-12-2004 added: If the  tag does not work, XBMC looks in:
E:\Apps\XBMC, E:\XBMC, F:\apps\XBMC, F:\xbmc to find it's home dir.
  - 19-12-2004 added: Auto-detect of F and G.   and 
should be no longer needed (and are now ignored)
  - 19-12-2004 fixed: buttonscroller - some images were shown when they
shouldn't have been.
  - 19-12-2004 fixed: Some of the timings for the slideshow weren't quite
  - 19-12-2004 changed: Incremented video database version number.
  - 19-12-2004 fixed: Runtime is saved to the video database.
  - 19-12-2004 changed: Image loader now scales jpgs while they load (Now
uses only the memory needed for the screen image).  Only working for jpgs.
  - 19-12-2004 fixed: Password could not be set blank for webserver
  - 19-12-2004 added: Settings option for skin shows all skins, regardless
of version.  Old version skins (which are incompatible with XBMC) are shown
greyed out, and do not load when selected.  Message is shown on the bottom
of screen.
  - 16-12-2004 fixed: Karaoke background alpha
  - 16-12-2004 added: Context menu to My Music
  - 16-12-2004 fixed: Corrupt picture files could cause endless loops in
slideshow/picture viewer
  - 16-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 16-12-2004 fixed: background media scanning was not canceled on shutdown
  - 16-12-2004 updated: German language file
  - 16-12-2004 updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to elotrolado)
  - 16-12-2004 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnmartinsen)
  - 16-12-2004 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to mania12)
  - 16-12-2004 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
  - 16-12-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 16-12-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 15-12-2004 fixed: modeless dialogs are not rendered when modal dialog
is shown
  - 15-12-2004 changed: skin version to 1.22
  - 15-12-2004 added: Scan for music info in the background, diabled by
default, to enable use settings
  - 15-12-2004 updated: SQLite to version 3.0.8, File Format changed, all
databases have to be recreated
  - 15-12-2004 fixed: id3 tag reading broken, when file has no genre
  - 15-12-2004 fixed: autoswitch view, last control isn't remembered when
pressing B on controller
  - 13-12-2004 added: Context menu to my videos.
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: Strange pause thing shown during slideshows.
  - 13-12-2004 added: Off mode added to LED colour options.
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: View as method was loaded incorrectly in Videos->Files.
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: Karaoke display should be nicely up to speed again. 
Not sure about A/V sync (though it stays in sync once set).
  - 13-12-2004 changed: Small nicety added: Navigate left to menu then
immediately right and it remembers the control you were at.
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: Rendering of dialogs in Full Screen Video.
  - 13-12-2004 changed: Settings menus: Categories change on focus, rather
than on click.
  - 13-12-2004 changed: GUIMessages to controls have changed - all messages
from windows to controls on that window
                        use OnMessage() rather than
g_graphicsContext.SendMessage().  This should stop the clashes
                        between controls with common ids on different windows.
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: 12 hour LCD related crash
  - 13-12-2004 fixed: Vis crash + keymap.xml (white button) problem
  - 12-12-2004 added: dialogButtonMenu.xml - currently used as a shutdown
menu.  id is 111.  Assigned to Right Thumb Button.
  - 12-12-2004 fixed: center for labelcontrols.
  - 12-12-2004 fixed: Couple of issues with the buttonscroller.
  - 12-12-2004 changed: Behaviour of icons/thumbs in listview.  Only use
thumb if it's a real thumbnail.
  - 12-12-2004 updated: Hebrew language file by okets
  - 12-12-2004 changed: Skin version incremented (as dialogNumeric.xml and
dialogGamepad.xml are necessary skin files)
  - 12-12-2004 fixed: Bug in custom window code (custom windows persisted
when changing skins)
  - 12-12-2004 fixed: Various bugs found here and there :)
  - 12-12-2004 added: [ 1079275 ] Add share locking ability, thanks to slacker.
  - 12-12-2004 fixed: Various settings screen issues (including http proxy,
  - 12-12-2004 added: New dialog GUIDialogButtonBar for a graphical button
bar with optional label
  - 12-12-2004 changed: Slideshow now uses the video filters settings
instead of the GUI settings.  (for sharper pictures)
  - 11-12-2004 fixed: LCD time and date obey the GUI settings.
  - 11-12-2004 added: XBMC.ActivateWindow() can now activate dialogs.
  - 11-12-2004 changed: various strings to make them more obvious.
  - 11-12-2004 fixed: Various settings issues (subtitles etc.)
  - 10-12-2004 fixed: [ 1080520 ] web interface: unqueing doesn't work -
thanks to re.solve + BombrMan
  - 10-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 10-12-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 10-12-2004 fixed: [ 1069833 ] white no longer triggers osd.
  - 09-12-2004 added: [ 1063544 ] Full LED Controll within the xbmc GUI,
thanks to GeminiServer.
  - 09-12-2004 added: [ 1067203 ] GUI Contrast Control for Xenium-LCD,
thanks to GreenGiant.
  - 09-12-2004 added: [ 1065952 ] Disable Internet Lookups option, thanks
to kraqh3d.
  - 09-12-2004 added: [ 1081938 ] Updated strings.xml files to single-line
format, thanks to slacker.
  - 09-12-2004 fixed: Issue with autorun videos/music (strings mix up)
  - 09-12-2004 added: Skin language version.  Currently set at v1.2.  XBMC
will not load any skin
                      that doesn't have a 1.2 tag in
it's skin.xml
                      It will also not allow such skins in the settings
spin control.
                      If a current skin is not of the required version on
bootup, it will use the default (Project                       
                      Mayhem) skin, and if this is also not suitable, it
will invoke the Fatal Error Handler.
  - 09-12-2004 fixed: Small graphical glitch in the Fatal Error Handler (it
wasn't rendering all the text available)
  - 09-12-2004 added: SF patch for mouse + keyboard in gamecontroller ports
  - 08-12-2004 changed: settings, added category "View Options" for my programs
  - 08-12-2004 changed: a dummy time is displayed in the video osd when
  - 08-12-2004 added: option to show time as 12 hour clock
  - 08-12-2004 added: option to swap day and month in home screen
  - 08-12-2004 changed: my music albums, recent albums can now be displayed
  - 08-12-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 08-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 08-12-2004 updated: German language file
  - 08-12-2004 changed: playlist windows, items are now played shuffled
instead of shuffleing playlist items
  - 07-12-2004 changed: settings, made units in spin controls localizeable
  - 07-12-2004 fixed: my pictures, View by button broken
  - 07-12-2004 fixed: Upscale to GUI res should now be working.
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: Various settings options weren't being displayed
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: LCD Off mode was missing.
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: Problem with Autoswitch to Big Icons in Video Files view.
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: LaunchXBE/Reboot XBMC didn't work.
  - 06-12-2004 added: option to autoshutdown xbox while playing
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: my pictures, recursive slideshow was played unsorted
  - 06-12-2004 fixed: my videos, items where added unsorted to the playlist
  - 05-12-2004 updated: Romanian language file (Thnx to bompy)
  - 05-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 05-12-2004 fixed: my music albums, music.jpg is not shown when no thumb
is available
  - 02-12-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 02-12-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 02-12-2004 updated: German language file
  - 02-12-2004 added: New Settings System + various SF patches
  - 01-12-2004 added: extended memory tracking for dll's + added dll
tracking for dll's
  - 01-12-2004 fixed: removed old memorytracker since it had lot's of
issues (this should fix the problem with AQTBrowser)
  - 30-11-2004 added: [ 917706 ] Extra OSD Info (estimated end time & movie
  - 30-11-2004 fixed: [ 970904 ] Screensaver stays on with WebServer/un-pause
  - 30-11-2004 fixed: imdb info/thumbs not saved
  - 29-11-2004 added: Kai protocol level debugging + Specify Kai engine
host IP in Settings.
  - 29-11-2004 fixed: [ 1072703 ] Joliet filenames corrupted
  - 28-11-2004 fixed: weird bug whereby Kai friends list wasn't sorted
  - 28-11-2004 fixed: serialize Kai game titleid resolution and player
count requests.
  - 28-11-2004 added: Movie runtime to IMDB info screen + combined
Rating+Votes item
  - 28-11-2004 added: get current Kai player count for each game in the
games view.
  - 28-11-2004 added: ability to force specific Kai arena - game title id
  - 28-11-2004 fixed: possible lockup switching from gui to fullscreen
video while video playing
  - 28-11-2004 fixed: bug in kaiclient preventing voice chat from working.
  - 27-11-2004 added: Show contact/friend avatar on Kai Toast popup.
  - 27-11-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 27-11-2004 added: flash Kai chat tab briefly when another player sends
message while tab not currently selected.
  - 27-11-2004 fixed: some memory leaks in the database code.
  - 27-11-2004 added: GUIConditionalButton
  - 27-11-2004 added: albuminfo, songs from are saved to database
  - 26-11-2004 added: Use left and right trigger to change between Kai views.
  - 26-11-2004 added: XLink Kai tabbed view.
  - 25-11-2004 added: XLink Kai network reachable checking.
  - 25-11-2004 changed: Fade in from dimmed and black screensaver
  - 25-11-2004 fixed: Screen only partially filled on HDTV
  - 24-11-2004 fixed: last folder not remembered on 'back' (sf bug #1071390)
  - 24-11-2004 updated: Hungarian language file (Thnx to Tracy18)
  - 24-11-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 24-11-2004 fixed: my programs, scanning doesn't free its memory
  - 23-11-2004 fixed: kai pop-up killing speex audio while visible.
  - 23-11-2004 added: modeless dialog rendering, kai pop-up less intrusive.
  - 23-11-2004 added: inline text editor control (for Kai text chat and all
who want it).
  - 21-11-2004 added: Startup splash
  - 21-11-2004 added: Kai text chat (alpha - needs a little visual tidy up,
to be improved with 'in-line' edit control). 
  - 21-11-2004 added: GUIConsoleControl, for future use with Kai text-chat
(and any other dialog that wants it!). 
  - 20-11-2004 fixed: [ 1068230 ] LCD Setting reverts to SmartXX (on restart). 
  - 20-11-2004 fixed: allow empty password in Kai hosted private arenas. 
  - 19-11-2004 changed: Embedded XBE icon now gets generated as program.tbn
alongside program.xbe
  - 19-11-2004 fixed: [ 1066151 ] My Programs: Icon and title not updated
when switching DVD`s
  - 19-11-2004 fixed: [ 1066281 ] Bookmarks on panel (right side) does not
use Depth parameter
  - 18-11-2004 fixed: handes high-volume of Kai app_specific requests.
  - 18-11-2004 fixed: Various crashes when subtitle font was set to TTF
  - 18-11-2004 added: Comprehensive Kai hosting options.
  - 18-11-2004 fixed: Less aggressive Kai player profile requesting.
  - 17-11-2004 fixed: Buttonscroller, icon is not shown when last control
is not the scroller
  - 17-11-2004 fixed: Kai hosting within private arenas (with sophisticated
hosting options to follow soon)
  - 16-11-2004 fixed: Accurate Kai reporting of XBOX Live Communicator /
Headset status.
  - 16-11-2004 fixed: Improved performance sorting Kai views (Friends,
Games and Arenas).
  - 15-11-2004 added: New screensaver interface/API with Template and
sample (Pyro) screensaver

XBOX_Media_Center_2004-11-15_build-INDPosted 03:03:49pm 11/15/2004
Includes Project Mayhem and Project Mayhem II (11-13 version) skins.
Press the button next to Power Off on the main screen to launch scripts.
(included are AQTBrowser, SimpleKML, TVNU, GameSpot movies and medusa)

To set up streaming files from your network, edit XboxMediaCenter.xml.
For updating from older builds, overwrite EVERYTHING except your
If XBMC doesn't start, try deleting /E/TDATA/0FACE008 (this wipes settings).

Regarding the new XLink Kai support, see for a
guide and

new since 10-29:

  - 15-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 15-11-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to
  - 15-11-2004 fixed: Crash in dialogs if some dialog skin files weren't
  - 15-11-2004 fixed: Less intrusive warning on Kai disconnection and
better reconnection facilities.
  - 14-11-2004 updated: Romanian language file (Thnx to bompy)
  - 14-11-2004 fixed: Reconnection to Kai engine after disconnection.
  - 14-11-2004 added: Kai default games directory set to f:\games
  - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Toast - pop up notifications for XLink Kai function
  - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Auto Play - automatically launch games off the
  - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Network Settings - configure games directory and
  - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Netowrk Dialogs - help for n00bs
  - 13-11-2004 added: RealMedia RTSP/RDT support
  - 13-11-2004 fixed: , ,  didn't work
for listcontrolex
  - 13-11-2004 fixed: My Pictures shows folder thumb for parent folder items
  - 13-11-2004 fixed: Lockup adding artist folders to playlist (sf bug
  - 13-11-2004 fixed: Alpha level errors that occured with some button
types (radio button etc.)
  - 13-11-2004 fixed: prevent switching to vis during slideshow (stops
  - 13-11-2004 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack2)
  - 13-11-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to
  - 13-11-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 13-11-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 13-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 13-11-2004 updated: German language file
  - 13-11-2004 updated: Hebrew language file by okets
  - 11-11-2004 fixed: minor bugs like delay calculation in audio output device
  - 11-11-2004 added: Implementation of 2 channel PCM passthrough 
  - 11-11-2004 added: GUI setting for 2 channel PCM passthrough
  - 11-11-2004 fixed: multi byte language cue file not open correctly over
SMB share
  - 11-11-2004 changed: Use msdash audio settings for analog audio (Stereo
<-> Dolby Surround) instead of forcing Dolby Surround
  - 11-11-2004 added: Ability to define a built-in function in place of an
action  in keymap.xml
                      eg. you can have XBMC.ActivateWindow(501) to
go to My Music screen
                          or you can do XBMC.RunScript(my etc. etc. 
  - 11-11-2004 added:  tag with the real label etc. for the
 block in XBoxMediaCenter.xml
  - 11-11-2004 fixed: shutdown button
  - 10-11-2004 added: new control buttonscroller for homepage buttons.
  - 10-11-2004 added:  group added to XBoxMediaCenter.xml for
user configurable buttons.
  - 10-11-2004 added: XBMC.ActivateWindow() built-in command.             
  - 10-11-2004 fixed: subtitle size of 4:3 videos displayed on widescreen
  - 09-11-2004 fixed: my music songs, record button was not
enabled/disabled immediately after starting/stopping a shoutcast stream
  - 08-11-2004 added: new command "XBMC.RestartApp" for skinners to restart
only the application
  - 08-11-2004 changed: xbmc will now only restart xbmc instead of the xbox
when soft restart is requested
  - 07-11-2004 added: xbmc will now check for necessary files when
executing a python script
  - 07-11-2004 Updated finnish strings.xml (thanks nanite1k)
  - 06-11-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 06-11-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 06-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 06-11-2004 updated: German language file
  - 06-11-2004 changed: Some strings from cd+g support changed for better
  - 06-11-2004 fixed ttf font .srt subtitle lockup issue
  - 06-11-2004 changed: CD+G support updated (Thnx to stcogolin)
  - 06-11-2004 moved: Random slideshow button to My Pictures (from settings)
  - 06-11-2004 fixed: default resolution tags in skin.xml are now
  - 06-11-2004 changed: default IP addresses if none are set.
  - 06-11-2004 fixed: CUtil::Lower not work correctly in multi byte language 
  - 04-11-2004 added: OSD selection of STEREO/LEFT/RIGHT for 2 channel audio.
  - 04-11-2004 fixed: 3/5 channel non-passthrough audio lockup
  - 04-11-2004 fixed: smb multibyte language not display correctly in some
  - 03-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 03-11-2004 changed: progress control now can have an overlay texture
  - 02-11-2004 added: GUI code for monkeyh1
  - 02-11-2004 added: Context menu to My Pictures
  - 02-11-2004 added: Random slideshow ability
  - 02-11-2004 added: Recursive thumb generation
  - 02-11-2004 added: Folder thumbs for picture folders
  - 02-11-2004 fixed: Remote INFO button wasn't working for show file info
  - 02-11-2004 updated: German language file
  - 02-11-2004 fixed: After showing video/album info item is selected
  - 02-11-2004 added: my music songs, Shoutcast Top 500 streams share
  - 01-11-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 01-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 31-10-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 31-10-2004 fixed: album info is not displayed in songs
  - 31-10-2004 updated: German language file
  - 31-10-2004 updated: Romanian language file (Thnx to bompy)
  - 31-10-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to
  - 31-10-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
  - 31-10-2004 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack2)
  - 31-10-2004 added: [ 1051008 ] CD-TEXT support (doesn't work on all
drives!!!) (Thnx to mog)
  - 31-10-2004 added:  tag to give skinners the ability to
enable/disable the overlay windows via xml file
  - 30-10-2004 added: SF patch #1056254	New simple-stacking mode for video
  - 30-10-2004 added: Possibility for skinners to define their own windows
(custom*.xml where * is a number)
  - 30-10-2004 added: SF patch #1056175 FTP server uses /E/ now instead of /E:/
  - 30-10-2004 fixed: Bug in new video code (hopefully!)
  - 30-10-2004 fixed: Thumbs aspect ratio in list controls
  - 30-10-2004 added: Support for the context menu for editting bookmarks
in My Videos, My Pictures, My Music
  - 30-10-2004 changed: Rearranged a lot of the My Videos code into a base
  - 29-10-2004 added: [ 990760 ] My Programs now displays shares in panel
(same as other sections)

xbmc-2004-10-29.rarPosted 07:06:19pm 10/28/2004
Since Oct 17th (1.1):

  - 28-10-2004 updated: Oct 24th compiled mplayer.dll
  - 28-10-2004 changed: removed .nfo from XboxMediaCenter.xml default
 and added .rar|.001
  - 28-10-2004 updated: added .001 to be handled as rar in Util.cpp (used
with ccxstream_unrar for streaming video from rar files)
  - 28-10-2004 updated: XLink-KAI Private / Clan arena (alpha) support.
  - 27-10-2004 updated: German language file
  - 27-10-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
  - 27-10-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
  - 27-10-2004 fixed: Filemanager defaults to sort ascending by filename.
  - 27-10-2004 fixed: Thumb aspect ratios now default to the pixel ratio
standards (rather than the video settings pixel ratio), making skinning
more predictable.
  - 27-10-2004 added: In slideshow/pictures viewing, thumbnails are
automatically generated as each picture is displayed.
  - 27-10-2004 fixed: filemanager didn't display computername in path
  - 27-10-2004 fixed: selecting Xecuter3 LCD would cause errors when
running in debug mode
  - 27-10-2004 fixed: selecting Xenium LCD would show up as having selected
Xecuter3 and the
                      opposite when returning to setting screen.
  - 26-10-2004 fixed: Autoshutdown now checks for FTP activity (SF Bug
  - 26-10-2004 added: Kai password is displayed using *'s in the GUI.
  - 26-10-2004 fixed: Hide File extension and Parent Dir Items clash in
General Settings
  - 26-10-2004 added: SF patch [ 1048648 ] Fix MP3 Parser due to change in
multi-genre handling - thanks kraqh3d!
  - 26-10-2004 added: partial addition of SF patch [ 1050489 ] Music OSD
Timeout - thanks kraqh3d!
  - 24-10-2004 fixed: Slideshow aspect ratio
  - 24-10-2004 added: New Slideshow
  - 24-10-2004 added: context menu is mapped to TITLE on the remote
  - 24-10-2004 added: dialog to allow user to do a reboot instead of reset
  - 23-10-2004 updated: German language file
  - 23-10-2004 changed: Greek language file (Thnx to modon)
  - 23-10-2004 changed: Slovenian language file (Thnx to hijacker)
  - 23-10-2004 changed: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
  - 23-10-2004 changed: Maltese language file (Author unknown)
  - 23-10-2004 changed: Using less memory for video playback now
  - 22-10-2004 changed: libcdio updated to 0.70 (Thnx to Mog)
  - 20-10-2004 added: ssl support to python
  - 20-10-2004 added: python dll loading, this means python can now make
use of extension .pyd
                      (make sure you update your python/lib directory)
  - 20-10-2004 fixed: some fixes and additions to the socket emulation in
the dll loader
  - 20-10-2004 fixed: Flashing green bar in video
  - 20-10-2004 added: USB Keyboard support (see keymap.xml for mapping)
  - 20-10-2004 added: New Filemanager
  - 20-10-2004 added: New setting to disable the display of tracknumbers in
My Music
  - 20-10-2004 added: New setting to remove Parent Dir items from lists +
  - 20-10-2004 added: List Controls now display the thumbs instead of just
  - 19-10-2004 fixed: mplayer leaks memory (next partial fix) audio render
wasn't being freed
  - 19-10-2004 fixed: memleaks in RSS feed reader
  - 19-10-2004 fixed: possible memleak in filezilla
  - 19-10-2004 fixed: [ 1049621 ] hdd spindown broken

Oct 6th build - xbmc-2004-10-06.rarPosted 11:26:44am 10/06/2004
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)
  - 05-10-2004 fixed: scrolling text in fadecontrols ignored the width
parameter when TTF fonts are used.
  - 05-10-2004 fixed: Virtual keyboard didn't center properly
  - 05-10-2004 fixed: [ 1040425 ] XBE titles don't show correct
  - 05-10-2004 updated: German language file
  - 05-10-2004 fixed: [ 1039240 ] "Out of Memory Error" switching between
  - 05-10-2004 fixed: PAL60 startup for emergency recovery console
  - 04-10-2004 added: Initial Symbols support to the virtual keyboard.
  - 04-10-2004 fixed: List/Thumbs page indicator didn't show total # of pages.
  - 04-10-2004 fixed: XBMC wouldn't run if AVAlaunch or X3 bios etc. set
the EEPROM mode to PAL60
                       - XBMC detects this and launchs in NTSC mode, as
without full PAL support
                         that's all you get.  Change the eeprom setting
back to PAL_I if you want PAL.
  - 04-10-2004 fixed: List control - up/down arrow didn't work as expected.
  - 03-10-2004 fixed: fanspeed was being restored on exit when no
fanoptions enabled.
  - 02-10-2004 fixed: FileTimetoSystemTime debug assertion fail
  - 02-10-2004 fixed: truncation of chinese charactor long file name in
joilet format
  - 02-10-2004 fixed: display performance when TTF font was selected
  - 02-10-2004 updated: German language file
  - 02-10-2004 changed: my music, albums whose first artist is the same is
and album of this artist now
  - 02-10-2004 changed: my music, scanning now deletes the old scanned data
first before rescanning
  - 02-10-2004 fixed: my music, sorting in artist window was wrong
  - 02-10-2004 fixed: musicdatabase, artists/genres with a ' in the name
where not saved correct
  - 01-10-2004 fixed: [ 987004 ] Cancel doesn't work from remote when streaming
  - 01-10-2004 fixed: Remote control not functioning properly when XBMC is
  - 30-09-2004 fixed: [ 1013492 ] vobsubs display incorrectly, but work in
mplayer 1.0pre5
  - 30-09-2004 fixed: [ 1026946 ] Back did not work in My Programs when
Flattening was off
  - 28-09-2004 added: new tag to XBoxMediaCenter.xml to allow the
controller deadzone to be adjusted
  - 28-09-2004 fixed: Volume bar was offscreen in PAL60 modes
  - 27-09-2004 updated: German language file
  - 27-09-2004 added: Extra checking for errors + debug info to thumbnail
  - 27-09-2004 fixed: [ 1034556 ] Picture playback holds when playing music
  - 27-09-2004 fixed: Albums Icon view had text alignment problems.
  - 27-09-2004 added: Listcontrols can have center tags. 
This should be the default
                      unless a specific text alignment is necessary.
  - 26-09-2004 changed: German language file
  - 26-09-2004 fixed: [ 1034835 ] CDrip to mp3 not include year and genre field
  - 26-09-2004 fixed: Buttons on subpanel caused issues
  - 26-09-2004 fixed: IMDb lookup could fail if the plot had no html tags
in it.
  - 25-09-2004 fixed: right didn't work for buttons
  - 25-09-2004 fixed: [ 1031023 ] Problem with little .wav (like 5 seconds
                      Caused by tracks being truncated a few secs with HQ
resampling on.
  - 25-09-2004 fixed: green videowindow & calibrationscreen after stopping
a video
  - 25-09-2004 fixed: flickering subtitles in videowindow & calibrationscreen
  - 25-09-2004 fixed: [ 973403, 1011171 ] flickering 'video playwindow',
Windowed video still shaking

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